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LONG LIVE FASHION: Vestiaire Collective relaunches with a daring new look at future-friendly fashion

PARIS, March 21

– Vestiaire Collective is the leading, B Corp certified, global app for desirable pre-loved fashion with over 15 million global members and 3 million items from over 80 countries.
– ‘Long Live Fashion’, the newly created rousing banner under which a passion for fashion and a future-friendly mindset will coexist, builds on the brand’s well-established values of taste and trust.
– Five puppets, all style icons made from recycled clothing, represent the Collective and embody the various reasons why pre-loved is the indisputable future of sustainable fashion.

“Long Live Fashion!” – Vestiaire Collective, the world’s most tasteful and trusted fashion resale community, issues a new brand new identity to inspire a step-change in the fashion industry, and reflect the way fashion lovers can – and are – recalibrating for a more conscious future.

The campaign will be fronted by “The Collective”: five style icon puppets created from pre-loved clothing, each one offering a compelling reason as to why pre-loved is better and presented by the inimitable French fashion filmmaker, Loïc Prigent. Miss Classique is chic, polished and in love with authentic, timeless pieces from fashion’s front row brands. Lady Green: more B Corp than bodycon, she knows fashion’s future is circular. Hunter has patience, knows vintage inside out, and that the hunt is as thrilling as the find. Rich knows his wardrobe has business potential. They say you can’t put a price on style but he also knows you can. Drops is always the first in line for the next collab, with nothing de trop for this logo queen.

By creating these stylish sewn stars, Vestiaire Collective showcases the diversity of its community, showing that it is possible to love fashion and the planet, and that there is a better way to shop. With this campaign, Vestiaire Collective doubles down on its ambition, now over ten years old, to transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future.

Not only does Vestiaire Collective’s new philosophy, “Long Live Fashion” express a need to take action as it calls upon its collective to gather together for the cause of fashion, it does so in a way that puts an end to the industry taking itself (overly?) seriously. In the very modern spirit of anything goes, it reminds us that fashion is synonymous with freedom, and that it has always been about breaking the rules.

To bring the campaign to life, Vestiaire Collective, has collaborated with an international group of creatives: the multi-award-winning creative and strategic advertising agency Droga5 London, and the fashion world’s ‘oh so French’ director, documentarian and presenter, Loïc Prigent. Loïc plays a key role as he introduces each puppet and also takes over Vestiaire Collective’s digital channels and his own social media accounts for the launch. Droga5 London and Vestiaire Collective partnered with Swedish film director Andreas Nilsson, while British-Ghanaian photographer Campbell Addy lensed the outdoor, print and social campaign.

“Since the inception of Vestiaire Collective, we have always been driven by a desire to break the rules and offer our global community another point of view on fashion. It is part of our DNA to challenge the status quo and rethink the way people consume fashion for now and for a better future. Today, we want to celebrate our global community of committed fashion lovers as they help transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future” – Fanny Moizant, co-founder and President at Vestiaire Collective

“Long Live Fashion” is at the heart of everything we do. It is a rallying cry for all of us who live for fashion, but also want to take care of it for life. It’s an innovative, disruptive, creative approach to raise awareness of our mission. Our goal is to engage with our global community and collectively make a positive impact. ” – Vanessa Masliah, Vice President Marketing & Branding at Vestiaire Collective

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Source: Vestiaire Collective

Source: Vestiaire Collective