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Longsys Unveils New Storage Solutions at Japan IT Week 2023

Longsys Unveils New Storage Solutions at Japan IT Week 2023

Japan IT Week 2023, a major event for IT hardware and software companies, is driven by Japan’s substantial investment in research and technology. Longsys ( code:301308.SZ), along with its three brands FORESEE, Longsys, and Lexar, is excited to showcase its storage innovations at the event.

Longsys participates in the Japan IT Week from April 5-7, 2023. You can find it at booth E45-9 in the East Hall of the Tokyo Big Sight.

Longsys presents consumer, industrial, automotive, and enterprise storage solutions for you. These solutions comprise various DRAM and NAND Flash storage products, catering to diverse market demands.

1. Industry Storage Brand FORESEE: Provide effective, innovative, and quality storage products and solutions.

FORESEE offers automotive-grade eMMC and UFS for the automotive market, boasting high reliability and excellent quality.

It also offers XP2000 PCIe4.0 SSD and P709 PCIe3.0 SSD for the PC market, which provides encryption capabilities and superior performance.

FORESEE SPI NAND Flash, uMCP, and LPDDR are available for consumer electronics (such as smartphones and IoT) offering a comprehensive range of capacities and customization options for high quality.

2. Enterprise Storage Brand Longsys: Continuously develops and innovates enterprise storage products.

Longsys products include RDIMM(16GB&32GB) and SATA eSSD(480GB-3.84TB) for the server market. These products are characterized by stability, reliability, and durability.

Longsys offers customers a wide range of products to cater to different needs. Longsys’ main markets include data centers, cloud computing, supercomputing, and other industries where high-speed performance and reliability are important factors.

3. Consumer Storage Brand Lexar: Great solutions to professional photography, data transfer, and portable storage.

Lexar Brand offers a wide range of memory cards for different uses.

For the gaming and PC market, it has the NM800 PRO PCIe4.0 SSD and ARES DDR5 RGB UDIMM, which deliver top-notch performance.

For the photography market, it has Professional 2000x SDHC(TM)/SDXC(TM) UHS-II Card GOLD Series and Professional CFexpress(TM) Type B Card DIAMOND Series, providing exceptional performance.

Conclusion: We hope to see you at Longsys’ booth at Japan IT Week 2023!

Longsys, a leading provider of flash and DRAM storage solutions, invites customers to learn about its advantages in brand, R&D, quality, and customization. Longsys participates in Japan IT Week 2023 from April 5-7. Please visit Longsys at E45-9 in the East Hall of the Tokyo Big Sights.

Source: Longsys Electronics