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Luozhuang District of Linyi: Enchanting Ten-mile Flower Corridor along Nansu River

LINYI, China

In recent years, the ecological governance of the Nansu River in Luozhuang District, Linyi, Shandong has resulted in significant improvements to the ecological restoration and protection of the area.

The ecological management of the river involves restoring the river based on the protection of existing ecological resources. This includes planting a ten-mile stretch of flower fields along both banks to create a distinctive, beautiful, and unique water system ecological corridor. This endeavor aims to enhance the city's taste, image, and overall ecological environment.

The ecological improvements along the Nansu River have enhanced the water quality of certain riverside areas and the flood regulation capacity of numerous mud flats and low-lying depressions along the river. This supports the healthy development of the river's ecosystem and has fostered a living environment conducive to the physical and mental well-being of residents. The ecological enhancements have created favorable conditions for the survival and propagation of various fish, amphibians, insects, and birds, while also establishing a space for the harmonious coexistence and healthy development of both humans and nature.

Source: Government of Luozhuang District, Linyi