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Maus Software Announces Launch of SafeWrite, an Accessible HSEQ Compliance Platform for SMBs to Become ISO Certified


Maus Software launches its new HSEQ compliance platform called SafeWrite, effective March 21st, 2022.

Skilled trade industries are focused on growth now more than ever. The primary way many organizations are achieving this is by differentiating themselves
from the competition with ISO and other industry leading compliance certifications. Without a streamlined platform, administrative demands are
very high, often preventing them from making this vital growth-enabling move. Maintaining compliance is also ongoing demanding process. Maus has created SafeWrite to free organizations from the paperwork, cumbersome checks, and complicated forms associated with compliance.

“Maus has been a leader in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality software tools for over 25 years. Today, we’re taking a big step forward by launching
the SafeWrite brand that is dedicated to our HSEQ customers. SafeWrite is focused on providing the industry knowledge, tools, and support our customers need to effectively manage their HSEQ processes.” says Aaron Stine, CEO at
Maus Software. “The SafeWrite HSEQ platform opens doors for businesses through fast-tracked ISO accreditation and larger contract & tender opportunities. SafeWrite makes compliance easy so organizations can focus on getting ahead at what they do best.”

“We see this as a great opportunity to offer more specific resources, events
and solutions to help existing and future users effectively leverage the HSEQ platform and ultimately, improve their overall experience” says Mitch Kenny, Director at SafeWrite. “We’ve already hit the ground running; launching an ongoing stream of education, intuitive knowledge-base, and social media platforms all designed with our customers in mind.”

For more information on the launch of SafeWrite, we invite our current
customers to visit us at

About Maus Software: Maus ( revolutionized the world of strategic planning with the release of the first digitized business planning tool 25
years ago. Today, Maus leads the industry – providing an all-in-one platform
for strategic, business, financial, and exit planning. Our award-winning innovative business management software is the roadmap that will guide you and your team towards better strategies and practices, promoting the growth you
have always envisioned.

About SafeWrite: SafeWrite ( frees skilled trade industries from the monotony of ISO compliance. The SafeWrite platform provides a seamless integration of all Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality (HSEQ) processes in one easy to use application – empowering businesses to lose the paper trail and focus on what matters to them.

Media Contact:
Mitch Kenny
Maus Software, LLC.
(407) 908-7385


Source: MAUS Software