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May Delights at Rushan Silver Beach: A Perfect Blend of Culinary Delights and Fun Activities


RUSHAN, China, May 8, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

In May, the Silver Beach Tourist Resort in Rushan City, Shandong Province, has become a popular destination for many tourists. They are attracted by its reputation as the “Number One Beach in the World”, visiting various attractions and indulging in local delicacies to fully enjoy a delightful vacation.

With the sea breeze blowing gently at nightfall, tourists flock to the Rainbow Food Street and the Beach Music Festival. Located in the Wind from the Sea Scenic Area, the Rainbow Food Street features 10 sets of small wooden shops and 23 non-motorized food carts to offer a variety of Chinese specialty foods such as barbecue, seafood, hot pot, and fried skewers, enriching a culinary adventure for visitors. To the west of the street, a music stage ignites the May Day holiday with lively performances, infusing the resort with energy and inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the warmth and hospitality of Rushan locals.

As tourists indulge in the delicious food, merchants find themselves happily occupied. Among them is 26-year-old Li Guanyue, a college student turned entrepreneur who returned to his hometown to launch his venture. His food cart swiftly sold out, prompting him to replenish his stock urgently. “With the May Day holiday just beginning, the influx of people is particularly high. I hope everyone has a wonderful experience!” said Li.

During this year’s May Day holiday, people’s enthusiasm for travel remains high. Leveraging the reputation of Silver Beach as the “Number One Beach in the World”, the Binhai New Area not only attracts numerous tourists but also steadfastly advances the comprehensive development of the “Binhai Leading Cultural and Tourism Integration Zone”. This includes pressing ahead with the construction of the Beidou Bay Sports Park Food Street and Silver Beach Marine Park, establishing distinctive tourist attractions, and promoting the building of commercial facilities such as Jinding Yinxiu Commercial City, Liqun Sunshine Coast, and Moon Bay Fashion Street. Additionally, with the support of the Tidal Lake National Water Sports Center, new luxury camping sites and themed restaurants have been added to serve tourists well and improve their travel experience, further making the area more appealing for tourists to visit, stay, and enjoy.

Source: Information Office of Rushan Municipal People's Government