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Mediso acquires nuclear medicine supplier Bartec Technologies

FARNBOROUGH, England, and BUDAPEST, Hungary

Mediso Ltd today announced the acquisition of Bartec Technologies Ltd, UK based company specialised in the supply, installation and support of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging equipment and accessories. The acquisition strengthens Mediso’s market position in the UK and Ireland. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems with headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging equipment to the health care and medical research institutions of the world.

In the UK, Bartec has been synonymous with Mediso products for 18 years, proof of a successful partnership. With a thirty years history supplying and servicing for the human health, veterinary and research sectors, Bartec offers unique experience and expertise in the medical imaging industry.

Mediso has taken the step of having direct subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Australia and Poland. Following this pattern Mediso has negotiated to acquire Bartec from the LabLogic Group.

Istvan Bagamery, Managing Director of Mediso commented, “UK has always been considered as one of the most important markets for Mediso both in clinical and preclinical business. We have successfully developed and maintained a significant install base in close collaboration with Bartec over the past two decades. The acquisition of Bartec strengthens our local presence allowing us to build even closer relationships with our existing and prospective customers and sets path to establish new synergistic, strategic alliances with our key partners in the region.”

Some product lines formerly handled by Bartec will transfer to Southern Scientific, a company in the LabLogic group to allow Bartec to concentrate more on Mediso applications, sales and support while continuing the core business operation. John Clapham, Chairman of LabLogic and MD of Bartec commented, “I have greatly enjoyed working in Bartec, they are a great team who look after customers very well. A direct link to the manufacturer, however, will allow the company to go from strength to strength; as LabLogic has found with its subsidiary in France.”

Bartec will remain a trusted supplier of NMI products with its experienced operational team within Mediso group, and Bartec customers can continue communications through existing channels. The company will also focus on facilitation of building and maintaining strategic partnerships with key collaboration partners in the region.

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Source: Mediso

Source: Mediso Medical Imaging Systems