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“Meeting the Sea along the Yellow River – Dongying through the Eyes of Foreign Media” event held successfully

Foreign journalists experience Dongying's unique cultural and tourism resources.

On Sept. 23-24, foreign journalists from Egypt, Italy, and Malaysia visited Dongying, located at the mouth of the Yellow River, to explore the Yellow River culture and experience Dongying's unique cultural and tourism resources, local customs, and vibrant development, according to Press Office of Dongying Municipal People's Government.

On Sept. 23, coinciding with the sixth China Farmers' Harvest Festival, the journalists attended the live event of the 2023 China Farmers' Harvest Festival in Dongying, themed "Celebrate Harvest, Promote Harmony". They were presented with a wide variety of agricultural products and intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, including Yellow River rice, kiwi, grapes, paper cutting, dough sculpture, and woven products. "The agricultural products here are incredibly diverse, and everyone is very happy. Everywhere you go, you can feel their joy in the harvest. Hearing the farmers introduce their kiwi production and the distribution channels throughout the country is truly impressive," said Amina Zaki, a journalist from Egypt's Constitution Newspaper.

Stepping into the Sunzi Cultural Park, foreign journalists were filled with admiration for the magnificent Saint Wugong Palace. They were particularly astonished when the staff explained that the soldiers and servants before them were all made of dough. "This craftsmanship truly astonishes me, especially in the way it brings historical stories to life, even recreating opulent palaces. At the same time, I've gained an appreciation for the profound depth of Chinese culture," said Abde lhalim, a journalist from Egypt's Republic Online.

On Sept. 24, foreign journalists visited the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve, where they were captivated by the bird nests on the electrical poles. "These nests are built by the Oriental White Stork, a critically endangered bird species under first-class national protection. There are only around 6,000 individuals left in the world," explained the staff. In the past, the Yellow River Delta was an important stopover for the Oriental White Stork during migration. Since the establishment of the Yellow River Delta Natural Reserve, the ecological environment of the Yellow River estuary wetlands has significantly improved, and the reserve has gradually become one of the most important breeding and nesting grounds for the Oriental White Stork. Monica, a journalist from Italy's World China, shared her thoughts, saying, "This is my first time in Dongying. When I saw the birds nesting here and learned about the efforts made for ecological conservation and the pursuit of harmonious coexistence with nature, I was deeply impressed. The sight of the convergence of yellow and blue was particularly spectacular. I will definitely return to Dongying, given the chance."

Subsequently, foreign journalists had the opportunity to experience the process of making moon cakes and wooden New Year paintings. They also visited the Lvju Museum to gain insights into the development of Lvju opera. As a traditional local opera in Shandong, Lvju opera has flourished and prospered in Dongying, exemplifying the city's commitment to preserving and passing on its rich cultural heritage. This has allowed Lvju culture to emanate a more fundamental, profound, and enduring influence. Today, Lvju opera has become a unique and captivating aspect of Dongying's cultural landscape.

This event aims to showcase Dongying's unique natural, cultural, and tourism resources to the international community, effectively narrating the story of Dongying and contributing to the international promotion of the city as an emblematic destination of "Meeting the Sea Along the Yellow River".

Source: Press Office of Dongying Municipal People's Government