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Microban launches Ascera(TM): a patent-pending, cutting-edge antimicrobial technology inspired by nature

Huntersville, NC

Microban International is pleased to introduce its latest ground-breaking
technology – Ascera(TM). This patent-pending, next generation antimicrobial
technology uses an active ingredient inspired by nature*, and is designed for
use in olefinic polymers and solvent-based coatings. Ascera is sustainable,
metal free and less toxic than alternative technologies, and provides the
lifelong antimicrobial product protection that Microban is known for around the

As the global leader in antimicrobial and odor-control technologies, Microban
is committed to the development of solutions that support product
sustainability by extending their useful lifetimes. Ascera exemplifies the
company's commitment to sustainability by offering lasting product protection
while maintaining critical attributes, such as ease of incorporation, safe
handling, and good chemical, thermal and UV stability. Ascera will perform for
the product's expected lifetime when applied according to Microban's standards,
effectively inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria to prevent stains
and premature aging of the finished product.

"Microban has always led the antimicrobial industry with technological
innovations that contribute to product sustainability," said Dr. Souvik Nandi,
Vice President of R&D at Microban International. "In the past decade,
regulatory and environmental groups have put increasing pressure on many of the
antimicrobial chemistries that are currently used. As a result, Microban has
invested significant resources in identifying naturally occurring solutions
that are more sustainable and effective. We are very proud to roll out Ascera,
which represents the culmination of many years of intensive research. This is
the first of an exciting series of nature-inspired solutions that we will be
launching in the next few years for different market segments and material

"As the global leader in antimicrobial, odor-control and surface modification
solutions, Microban is always standing at the forefront of the industry. As we
work towards our vision of becoming the most trusted brand in ultimate
cleanliness and product protection, we want the world to rely on Microban for
best-in-class solutions." Michael Ruby, President of Microban International,
said. "Our R&D teams are laser-focused on developing a range of cutting-edge
technologies that are nature inspired for the different market sectors we
serve. Our partners look to us first for what is next. Ascera will help leading
brands to create clean, odor-free and high value end-use products, which their
customers will choose to support sustainability and live a clean and refreshing

Ascera is available to manufacturers in the U.S. and Asia, along with
Microban's support and expertise. Find out more at and get in
touch with a representative today!

*The Microban(R) technology used in this product is similar to acids found in
nature and is used in multiple consumer product applications.

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SOURCE: Microban International

Source: Microban International