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Midea Industrial Technology brands, Servotronix and Hiconics, at Hannover Messe 2022: Driving Global Industries towards Digitalization and Sustainability


Midea Industrial Technology, showcased innovative automation and green energy products from its two industrial automation brands Servotronix and Hiconics at Booth B38/3, Hall 11.

“We hope to leverage the Hannover Messe for more in-depth exchanges with partners and customers from the global industrial community”, said Diego Fu, Vice President of Midea Group and President of Midea Industrial Technology. “I have fully committed Midea to helping vertical industries to transform and reduce carbon dioxide emission through our leading technologies and solutions.”

Servotronix exhibits four types of products, providing industries with new customized motion control options:
-Motion controller: High-performance multi-axis motion controllers, and related programming software and I/O,best represented by softMC703,have rich programming functions, and have been successfully applied across many automation and robotic areas. The upgraded softMC can be seamlessly integrated with Servotronix servo driver and motor systems, providing a complete motion solution across the nine main industry verticles.
-High-performance servo driver: Taking CDHDCDHD2 to represent, advantages such as its excellent servo performance, ultra-high power density, simple commissioning, and abundant functions are combined into one, providing high-performance servo drivers which are also extremely cost-effective.
-Rotary servo system: The superior-performance servo system is comprised of Servotronix’s BDHDE servo driver and PRHD2 series rotary servomotor. Its cost-effective servo system is comprised of Dorna’s DS2P servo driver and DM1 series rotary servo motor, delivering reliable high performance and stability.
-CDLB single-axis robot: Compared to the screw guide rail, the single-axis robot based on the CDLB linear drive servo solution has superior direct-drive performance and better parameters including higher precision, higher speed, longer stroke, and lower noise level.

Hiconics helps steel, petrochemical, chemical, mining, building materials, textile, and paper industries towards sustainable development:
-Hivert series water-cooled VFD: The modular hardware design and advanced software features of the HIVERT series make the water-cooled VFD suitable for a variety of applications, including in harsh environments.
-HV4 Medium voltage VFD: An energy-saving and improved efficiency solution realized through controlling the frequency and voltage of the motor.
-HIC530 general low-voltage VFD: Embedded sensorless vector control and V/F control can be widely used in applications that have high requirements for items such as speed control, torque response speed, and low-frequency outputs.

To date, Midea Industrial Technology has established 27R&D centers worldwide, and has accumulated over 5,500 authorized patents.

SOURCE:Midea Group