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Mindray Reimagines Point of Care Systems with Launch of New TEX20 Diagnostic Ultrasound Series at Euroanaesthesia 2022

Mindray Reimagines Point of Care Systems with Launch of New TEX20 Diagnostic Ultrasound Series at Euroanaesthesia 2022

Mindray( (SZSE: 300760), a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, has launched its best-in-class Point of Care ultrasound system TEX20 Series( at Euroanaesthesia 2022, reimagined the connected patient status assessment process in demanding situations requiring critical care and emergency medicine.

TEX20 Series fundamentally changes the conventional perspective of POC ultrasound from its predecessors, with its patient-centered information solution, extreme image clarity, clinical-oriented workflow, smart tools and thoughtful design.

In today’s demanding medical scenarios, it is usual to find bedside equipment displaying physiological information on various screens, including ultrasound imaging, ECG signals, respiratory signals, and more. To address this, the TEX20 Series adopt a novel way of applying ultrasound called X-Link, synchronizing the patient’s other physiological information on the same screen. This enables the clinicians to have a holistic view of a patient’s course of disease, to perform monitoring by timeline, and monitor multiple states of the patient simultaneously.

“The TEX20 Series is clinically oriented and designed based on a deep insight into clinical needs. In particular, the X-Link solution delivers integrated imaging and physiological information, offering a brand-new view on a patient’s course of disease and helping to guide timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, it provides complete information required in decision-making for follow-up and quality control,” said Xujin He, General Manager of Medical Imaging System Business Unit at Mindray.

Efficient information integration plays an important role in high-quality clinical daily practice, precise diagnosis, Multi-Disciplinary Treatment (MDT), and advanced multimodal clinical research. With the Physio-View on X-Link, ECG and other physiological waves can be overlaid on the ultrasound image for immediate display. This breakthrough solution brings the diagnostic and scientific value of bedside ultrasounds to new levels and enhances clinical problem-solving. A full suite of Smart Tools also provides clinicians with quick, precise assessment and guidance capabilities to face various challenges in point-of-care settings.

Mindray’s TEX20 Series also introduces an innovative industrial design with a rotatable and slidable 23.8″ high-definition touch display, allowing end-users to perform their exams in a format that best suits their clinical environment. Furthermore, the Series incorporates a full set of wireless solutions: voice command, wireless charging, and wireless transducer, to further enhance workflow efficiency and elevate user experience in fast-paced, demanding clinical environments.

SOURCE: Mindray