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Mining industry leaders tout potential of under-explored ‘super-region’ that spans from Africa to Asia, in advance of Future Minerals Forum

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

Forum brings together governments, miners, investors and other critical stakeholders to shape the future of global mining

As Saudi Arabia prepares to host one of the world’s most important new events, the Future Minerals Forum, a number of the world’s most influential mining experts have spoken of their excitement at the opportunities that will be up for discussion.

– Robert Friedland, Founder & Executive Co-Chairman of Canada’s Ivanhoe Mines: “The mining industry is a central pillar of the world’s transition to a more sustainable future, and emergent mining regions have a vital role to play in this transition, helping to ensure security and diversification of mineral and metal supplies.”

– Michael Naylor, CEO of EV Metals Group: “A Forum based on Future Minerals is a discerning and defining choice for the region, that aligns fully with Vision 2030 as it transitions from a global leader in energy based on fossil fuels to a global leader in energy based on renewable energy. As a first mover in the Kingdom, we are fast tracking the development and processing of high purity battery chemicals for a clean energy future, supported by key Ministries. We look forward to sharing this strategic project with the attendees of FMF.”

– Brian Hosking, Chief Executive Officer, Gold & Minerals Company: “The Arabian-Nubian Shield is rapidly becoming a major mineral province hosting world-class mining projects. This region, along with the Tethyan-Eurasian mineral belt, are now well-recognized as having the potential to meet a large share of the world’s growing demand for metals and minerals. We believe events like the Future Minerals Forum will bring much-needed focus to the importance and vast potential of the Eurasian and Northern African regions as a whole.”

– Christopher Ecclestone, Mining Strategist at Hallgarten & Company: “Without new technology metals, the change will not occur. A supportive business climate is needed by global and regional miners in order to make the best of these resources, and an event such as [this] is a great place to discuss how to build this climate.”

– Warren Irwin, President & Chief Investment Officer, Rosseau Asset Management: “The world’s energy transition will require billions in investments in new metal and mineral production. The Forum offers a much-needed meeting point for producers and investors to find mutually beneficial ways of developing the vast untapped mineral wealth of emerging economies across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

– Douglas Kirwin, renowned geologist and member of the Society of Economic Geologists: “Mineral and metal resources are a vital part of the world’s energy transition but so is the diversification of supply. Developing nations, thanks to their natural resources, are at the forefront of this transition, and the Future Minerals Forum is a great place for the industry and the governments of these countries to meet and discuss how to best responsibly develop these resources.”

The Forum, convened and hosted by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in conjunction with multiple Government stakeholders, has an ambitious vision: to shape the future of mining and to connect global policy makers with investors, financiers and business leaders across the mining value chain and its supporting industries. Its aim is to convene a truly global conversation about the Middle East, Africa and Asia and the region’s collective mining objectives.


Source: Future Minerals Forum