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–Company launches several new product features and integrations at
Distributed ’22 designed to accelerate productivity by consolidating
content and the most popular tools into one team workspace

Miro ( ),(R) the online platform accelerating innovation through visual collaboration, today announced the launch of several new features and a suite of integrations designed to advance the visual collaboration experience for its 45M users. Specifically, the company introduced its latest capabilities as part of a digital hub that accelerates team productivity by consolidating the most popular tools into one team workspace. With the latest releases unveiled during Distributed ’22 ( ), every team member has the ability to access, share, and contextualize the content that’s vital to their project – with live content time-consuming efforts like app switching are eliminated.

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Distributed ’22, Miro’s fourth annual user conference, was designed to help organizations “make space for human.” Most teams, regardless of location or size, have become dependent on their digital tool stack to get things done, but different teams often use different tools, so knowledge sharing becomes a complicated, tedious task. What’s more, the tools teams most frequently use don’t always work together, and rarely do they contextualize the information that’s most important, making it more complicated for teams across different locations and time zones to get work done.

“With the shift to new, modern working models, projects and work are now based in the digital world. And while much can be said for the power of technology, the sprawl of applications companies are experiencing is actually getting in the way of the work. Enterprises use, on average, 288 different SaaS apps ( ) across their business. This often leads to multiple challenges, from siloed knowledge environments to making it very difficult – if not impossible – to stay up to date on the data and content that is most accurate and valuable. The ability to aggregate and share relevant and actionable insights with your team is critical – not only to working effectively and efficiently, but to driving outcomes quickly,” said Varun Parmar, Miro’s Chief Product Officer.

With Miro as a digital hub, teams can easily build an inclusive, data-rich environment by bringing in a variety of live content to a single place and collaborating both synchronously and asynchronously. Miro is now even more valuable via the ability to support the most popular and complex workflows – including project planning, reporting and dashboarding, employee onboarding, and workshop facilitation – with a suite full of 700+ tools and integrations, including Amplitude, Confluence, Grafana, Looker, Tableau, Typeform, and YouTube.

Also new, teams can build custom dashboards, which connect data points from the most used apps in their software stack, and since dashboard data is constantly refreshed, insights are always accurate, up-to-date, and available to all collaborators in a project, removing silos that are often created among cross-functional teams. Each dashboard serves as a single source of truth for even the most complex workflows.

“We’re delivering a powerful way to preview, use, and share all of the information that’s most important for building context and alignment and driving outcomes. Combined with Miro’s deep suite of integrations across different types of content – including documents, surveys, and video – that teams use everyday, your Miro board now has the power to become the singular source of truth for any project,” continued Parmar.

Miro also announced a host of new features now available in beta to make the platform more collaborative, interactive, and dynamic, including:

–Interactive Presentations: Make presentations interactive for greater
engagement and inclusivity. An update to Presentation Mode, Interactive
Presentations offers a simplified and more advanced toolbar for both
presenters and audience members. Presenters can now show content from all
over the board instead of being limited to slideshow style, and audience
members can now participate in activity apps, interact with content like
sticky notes, and easily join any presentation that’s being created when
they arrive on a board.
–Talktrack: Bring greater human connection into work through board
recordings. With Talktrack, anyone using Miro can record video or audio
walkthroughs of their board. Each board is embedded in the video recording
so that viewers can interact directly with the board, creating an immersive
collaborative experience. Talktrack also allows for multiple board
recordings for multiple users to capture and contextualize every part of a
–Localization: Miro is meant to be inclusive for everyone, and to deliver on
that promise, the platform is now available in beta in French, German,
Spanish, and Japanese. Our team will continue actively working on
translation in each new language to ensure every big idea around the world
can be captured.
–New features requested by the Miro Community: Miro’s main focus is always
on its Community, and there are now more than six different sources to
capture and implement feedback. Available today are some of the most
requested features from the Miro Community, including:
–Collapsible mind map branches: Now available for all plans, collapsible
mind map branches allow users to collapse and expand branches, making it
even easier to collaborate and navigate large mind maps.
–Image masking and borders: Quickly and easily crop any image to your
desired shape with image masking and make your images pop by adding a
–Paste as a table: Importing structured content like spreadsheets is now
effortless – simply copy any piece of structured content and then click
“paste as a table” or “paste as sticky notes” on your Miro board.
–Code block: Built specifically for software engineers, recruiters,
trainers, and others who need to facilitate engineering specific
workflows, code block helps teams ship better quality software by
allowing them to create, troubleshoot remotely and collaborate on code.
Reignite connection within your team and try every new feature announced
today by signing up at:

About Miro

Miro is an online, visual collaboration platform designed to unlock creativity and accelerate innovation among teams of all kinds. The platform’s infinite canvas enables teams to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more. Miro, co-headquartered in San Francisco and Amsterdam, serves more than 45M users worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100. Miro was founded in 2011 and currently has more than 1,500 employees in 12 hubs around the world. To learn more, please visit


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