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Mobile puzzle game ‘Nemo’s Aqua Pop’ launched in Asia

SEOUL, South Korea
Nemo's Aqua Pop launched in Asia

– Wemade Play, ‘Nemo’s Aqua Pop’ is officially released in Asia

– Players will encounter various characters from the original animation in an exciting variety of ways.

– Take part in an open commemorative in-game attendance event with full of fun!

Wemade Play (CEO Ho-dae Lee) announced on the 23rd of August that it has officially launched its new title “Nemo’s Aqua Pop” in the Asian market.

‘Nemo’s Aqua Pop’ is a mobile Match-3 game based on Disney and Pixar’s popular animation “Finding Nemo”. In this game, players will encounter multiple characters from the original animation, such as “Nemo”, “Dory” and “Mr. Ray”, who appear in special block skills and effects, by decorating their own underwater world and through collecting a variety of fish.

‘Nemo’s Aqua Pop’ was developed to allow players to enjoy the original fun of 3 match puzzles. Players can expect a brisk puzzle game full of exciting special block effects. Moreover, the game uses various missions and gift ideas that are thematically taken from the original animation. In particular, the Homing Jellyfish block, a flying power-up, in ‘Nemo’s Aqua POP’ calculates optimal support with its AI support to help players remove blocks. Therefore, players can play the game easily and enjoy exciting puzzle.

Together with the release of the game, Wemade Play has prepared 500 “Nemo’s Aqua Pop” puzzle levels, 200 missions, 12 characters from “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”, etc. In addition, there is a rich variety of difference game modes such as a first-come, first-served puzzle solving game, short competitive battles of less than an hour, and 3-5 days of teamwork competitions catering the best experience to all kinds of puzzle game fans.

Wemade Play Team Leader Hyeon-jin Shin stated, “‘Nemo’s Aqua Pop’ combines the latest technology in puzzle game development with original animation content and themes. It is a game that satisfies both puzzle game and animation fans. We will prepare the best service, data updates and events.”

Wemade Play is hosting an attendance event to mark the opening of “Nemo’s Aqua Pop”. Just by logging in to the game, players may get free gold coins, infinite hearts, special blocks, characters and more. The event is planned to continue till September 31.