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mParticle reimagines multi-year customer data profiles with launch of premium Profile Reengagement feature


— Profile Reengagement gives brands the flexibility to maintain a rich customer profile over time, across the tech stack, enabling personalization at every step of the customer journey

mParticle, the leading enterprise customer data infrastructure company, today announced the release of Profile Reengagement to its suite of premium capabilities. The feature allows brands to maintain a rich and robust profile of its customers over a multi-year time horizon, within mParticle and across 100+ partner integrations. A deep, historical customer view enables brands to personalize experiences for protracted customer journeys, even if the touchpoints are infrequent and irregular. This historical customer insight is particularly useful to engage seasonal or churned customers.

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Today, brands leverage a plethora of vendors, from marketing tools to advertising platforms. Each of these vendors have different data expiration policies, typically months. Over time, data about a particular customer becomes inconsistent or simply nonexistent across the tech stack, blocking brands from personalizing customer experiences. Brands treat returning customers as new ones. Or worse, customers are treated with a personalized experience in one channel and are totally anonymous in another.

Lost or inconsistent customer insight that a brand has collected is especially painful when more brands ( ) are deliberately focused on aggregating more first-party data in the wake of privacy and regulatory changes. Brands who invest resources in digital experiences designed to collect first-party data, only to lose it slowly across their tech stack, ultimately turn those investments ROI negative.

“The best brands aim to personalize experiences for every customer every time, but are often limited by their tools,” says Chee Chew, Chief Product Officer at mParticle. “Profile Reengagement provides the extended customer history to amplify the effectiveness of seasonal and reactivation campaigns. We are thrilled to help brands maximize the mileage of partner systems by giving them the necessary data to create world-class experiences.”

Profile Reengagement allows brands to choose a multi-year time period personalization, even if a customer hasn’t engaged a brand recently. Upon a customer’s reengagement, the customer profile is enhanced with their long attribute history and then sent downstream in real-time to mParticle partners. mParticle bends the short term memory limits of downstream systems repopulating and refreshing lapsed customer records in partners tools. Ultimately, this translates to unified and consistent customer records across their tech stack.

Profile Reengagement, now in beta, helps brands personalize every step of the customer journey, regardless of how long or protracted that journey might be. It’s a continuation of mParticle’s philosophy to enable easy access to historical data, across the organization. For example, Standard Audiences enables the creation of customer segments composed of data attributes up to two-years old, ultimately to be sent to 70+ Audience partners. These data retention periods are also customizable, defined within mParticle customers’ contracts.

Being able to easily access historical data to personalize experiences is especially useful for brands with seasonal or churned customers. Seasonal customers, by definition, engage with brands infrequently. Because churned customers stop contributing additional data points, brands must use their existing knowledge of the customer to retain them.

That customer retention is going to be easier with Profile Reengagement will come as a relief to both marketers and product managers, who recognize that the cost of acquisition is increasing every year. ProfitWell, a business intelligence firm, noted ( ) that customer acquisition costs (CAC) increased by 60% between 2014 and 2019, and is five times more ( ) than the cost of retaining an existing customer.

To learn more, please visit the Profile Reengagement page ( ) on the mParticle website.

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