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Muscovites Enjoy the Tastes of China thru “Unique Flavors of Liaoning” Event


News & Information Center, Xinhua News Agency

SHENYANG, China, Feb. 22, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

The “Unique Flavors of Liaoning” event was held in Russia on the 20th, and various “flavors of Liaoning” brought gastronomic delights to the citizens of Moscow.

Focusing on the “flavors of Liaoning,” the event, hosted by News & Information Center, Xinhua News Agency, showcased unique Liaoning ingredients, “top ten Liaoning snacks,” “top ten Liaoning dishes”, etc. Among which, the “peacock welcoming guests” sculpture, “24 solar terms” dumpling feast and other highlights, as well as live cooking presentation by Chinese and Russian chefs garnered the attention of guests from both nations.

Liu Zhonghe, Deputy Director of Publicity Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Director of the Liaoning Provincial Public Culture Service Center, attended the event and remarked that Liaoning has been blessed with a whole range of high quality ingredients thanks to its well-established ecosystem, and this endowment underpins the unique characteristics and tastes of Liaoning cuisine. Liu also expressed the wish to use food as a bridge to further connect China and Russia, and deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in terms of economy, trade, culture and sister cities relations.

Shimko, an official from the Culture and Tourism Department of Moscow Oblast, addressed the audience and said that this event has provided an opportunity for Muscovites to learn more about Chinese cuisine and Chinese culture, and that Moscow Oblast is willing to furnish support for the goals of deepening interactions and improve mutual understanding between the citizens of the two countries, so as to create more platforms and chances conducive to strengthening cooperation between both sides in various fields.

Delegates from the Chinese Embassy in Russia, relevant organs from Liaoning Province, and representatives from the culture, tourism, industry and commercial sectors of Moscow Oblast attended the event alongside media personnel.

Source: News & Information Center, Xinhua News Agency