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Nature Pac becomes a major supplier of Korean KF94 masks to New Zealand

SEOUL, South Korea

‘Nature Pac’, a New Zealand limited company, started with the manufacture and distribution of eco-friendly products throughout New Zealand, they are now expanding and becoming a leading company importing masks and quarantine products from Korea.

Due to the present global spread of the Omicron variant, everyone is looking for products offering the greatest protection. Leading media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, and BBC are showing interest in Korean products and are pouring out special articles about the Korean KF94 Mask. South Korea’s KF94 mask presents the same performance as America’s N95 mask and Europe’s CE FFP2 mask. The MB100 mask is designed with a 3D ergonomic design, high-elasticity ear bands that do not strain the ears even when worn for a long time, and also nose support that does not drip and that prevents fogging of glasses wearers. The mask is also characterized by providing an earloop clip creating an adjustable and customizable fit which makes it not only comfortable to wear but also provides optimal protection through the face seal effect.

The development process for the Korean KF94 Mask was announced by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by classifying mask prevention capabilities as the recommendation on how to use masks was revised. The CDC reported that Korean KF94 masks had good performance therefore a rising demand was not only expected but apparent. It has excellent safety, recording an average of 99%, which exceeds the performance of over 94% in dust collection efficiency specified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Nature Pac’s MB100 Premium KF94 Mask has already been recognized in the U.S. and Europe, obtaining the U.S. FDA EUA approval for the second time and being the first KF94 mask produced in Korea to receive CE FFP2 certification at BSI in the U.K. in 2020.

In New Zealand, the number of confirmed Omicron patients continues to increase, and government authorities are taking measures to tighten quarantine regulations. Moreover, along with government quarantine regulations, high-quality masks are not being supplied properly. Nature Pac foresaw this situation and every day since the end of 2021, MB100 Premium KF94 Masks are OEM-produced and supplied to New Zealand through aircraft with South Korea as its production base.

Nature Pac plans to supply Korean-made KF94 Premium Mask and a variety of Korean quarantine products daily by flight until Omicron is stabilized in order to provide New Zealanders with quality and safe masks as soon as possible.

Accordingly, MB100 KF94 Premium Mask can be purchased in many pharmacies throughout New Zealand or simply by visiting Nature Pac’s official online store.

Contact information

Nature Pac Limited 25 Toop Street, Seaview, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, 5010 (04) 569 6000 Ted Jun, 021 963 690.

SOURCE Nature Pac

Source: Nature Pac