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NCODA International Executive Council to Advance Medically Integrated Oncology Worldwide


NCODA ( ) a non-profit organization whose Mission is to empower the medically-integrated oncology team to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes is proud to announce the formation of its International Executive Council (IEC). The IEC will provide insight and leadership to NCODA regarding meeting the ever-changing needs of oncology patients and healthcare professionals around the world.

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NCODA is a leading non-profit organization (NY, USA) dedicated to improving the quality of cancer care and promoting the highest standards in the field of oncology practice.

The formation of the IEC is a significant step in NCODA’s Mission to improve cancer care on a global scale. The council includes leaders from diverse regions of the world. These leaders will share their unique perspectives and collaborate on global initiatives.

“The IEC will provide a forum for international collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling us to learn from each other and work together to improve the care of cancer patients worldwide,” said Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, Founder and Executive Director of NCODA.

The IEC is Chaired by Dr. Marko Skelin, MPharm, PhD, Deputy Director of General Hospital Sibenik in Zagreb, Croatia. Dr. Skelin, along with NCODA executive leadership, will oversee the council’s activities, including the development of global educational resources, the promotion of best practices, and the implementation of global initiatives to improve cancer care.

“Global collaboration in cancer care is crucial to decrease inequities in cancer care between different countries in order to improve the outcomes that are truly important to our patients, such as survival and quality of life,” said Skelin, MPharm, PhD.

International Executive Council members include (view bios ):

— Marko Skelin, MPharm, PhD (Chair), Croatia
— Shreya Badhrinarayanan, MD, FRSHP, United States
— Khalid El Bairi, MD, Morocco
— Steven Bloom, BPharm, United States & France
— Natasha Khrystolubova, RPh, BCOP, United States
— Christine Lariviere, BPharm, Canada
— Victor Lisboa, MD, Brazil
— Kashyap Patel, MD, United States
— George Patrinos, PhD, Greece
— Elzbieta Senkus-Konefka, MD, PhD, Poland
— Shinya Suzuki, MS, PhD, JOP, Japan
— Martin Whalen, MBA, Sweden

The launch of the IEC marks a significant milestone in NCODA’s commitment to advancing the practice of oncology pharmacy and improving cancer care worldwide.

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