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New Tough Off-road Contender—GWM TANK300 Arrives Now

New Tough Off-road Contender—GWM TANK300 Arrives Now

Recently, according to the 2021 sales report of GWM, GWM TANK300 has an outstanding market share, accounting for more than 50% of the tough off-road market in China.

As an intelligent luxury off-road SUV under the TANK brand, GWM TANK300 has conveyed the brand’s property of making a “global fashionable off-road brand” and created a new category in the off-road SUV market. The TANK brand is the fifth major brand launched by GWM in 2021 and leads the new development trend of SUVs.

GWM TANK300 boasts three core advantages, including a strong power combination, excellent off-road capability and intelligent control system.

The strong power combination is one of the key features of this new model. GWM TANK300 is equipped with a 2.0T direct-injected supercharged petrol engine. The perfect match of power and torque can ensure the off-road vehicle remains powerful under a full load. The application of the 8AT transmission not only ensures smooth driving at high speed but also guarantees high fuel efficiency.

This brand new vehicle also has an excellent advantage in off-road capability. Particularly, with a powerful “crawl mode”, the cross axle can run smoothly and brake quickly when climbing a steep slope. With the powerful help of this machine, GWM TANK300 can easily pass challenging and complicated road conditions, such as desert, water-flooded roads, stairs and steep slopes easily.

Intelligent technology is another powerful function of the GWM TANK300. The 360 video system can be switched across a variety of perspectives to photograph the scenes of the surroundings quickly. Even when users are driving in adverse weathers, the “Surround View Monitor” feature can display clear images on the LCD screen. Interestingly, drivers can also trigger some functions by voice control to highly ensure their safety.

GWM TANK300 has been awarded the “Best Users’ Popularity Award of the Year” and “Most Anticipated SUV of the Year” last year. It has been widely recognized according to its outstanding performance. Meanwhile, it has been highly appraised by the Chinese market. PCAUTO, an automobile media, said that GWM TANK300’s excellent off-road performance highlights its added value as an off-road vehicle.

This car will be released soon in Saudi Arabia and Australia markets. It is expected to make breakthroughs in the global tough off-road SUV market to become a new star model.

GWM TANK500 will also be launched in the Chinese market soon and it may become another new representative model in the SUV segment.