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New Virtual Selling and Coaching Technologies from Bigtincan Allow Organizations to Bring the Metaverse and Web 3.0 Technologies to Sales Teams and Customers


— New Features Dramatically Improve Engagement in Virtual Environments

Bigtincan(R) (ASX:BTH), the global leader in sales enablement automation, today announced the availability of a set of technologies that allow organizations to bring Metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies to their sales and customer-facing teams to improve how humans work and how they sell.

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According to recent estimates from Forbes( ) magazine and JPMorgan( ), the Metaverse represents an annual $1 trillion opportunity given that its virtual worlds will “infiltrate every sector in some way in the coming years.”

The new features and capabilities complement existing Bigtincan XR augmented reality technologies and allow Bigtincan customers to create their own virtual sales showroom. Additionally, Bigtincan customers can now implement virtual coaching to help all users to work in ways that bring a new approach to skills development and customer engagement. These capabilities are important new underpinnings of Bigincan’s vision of creating the buying experience of the future.

“Enterprise-grade virtual reality solutions might be new to the market, but they are already making a significant impact,” said David Keane, CEO and Co-founder of Bigtincan. “From delivering highly engaging and personalized customer experiences to immersive employee training, Virtual Selling and Coaching technologies have game-changing potential for professional and personal transformation over the next decade.”

Technologies announced today include;

Virtual Showroom
With Bigtincan Virtual Showroom, businesses can now create a virtual environment within which they can mix and match avatar characters, videos, images, 3D objects and even Q&A and other interactive content types to create an environment that they can invite their customers to.

Virtual Showrooms are built using Web 3.0 technologies and allow customers to create their own space in the Metaverse that work on all standard VR headsets, mobile devices and computers using the latest generation of modern web browsers. Virtual Showrooms can be viewed inside Bigtincan’s Content Hub and shared with end buyers providing a flexible environment that can scale for diversified use. Virtual Showrooms are available now.

Virtual Coaching
Bigtincan’s Virtual Coaching allows businesses to put their team members into real world scenarios with interactive characters and 3D video where humans can practice their engagement in a virtual experience that provides feedback including voice analysis, visual tracking, and the ability to digitally add content directly into the coaching scenarios.

Virtual Coaching works with Bigtincan’s Learning Hub and Brainshark technologies and will be available for generally available use later in 2022.

About Bigtincan
Bigtincan is helping the world’s leading brands facilitate the buying experience of the future. Everything we offer is designed to be smart, flexible, and easily adapted to unique business processes with highly personalized experiences that people and brands love. We’re on a mission to help companies deliver branded buying experiences that are engaging, personalized, provide value and guide people to the best decisions with confidence. Innovative companies like Nike, Guess, Prudential, and Starwood Hotels trust Bigtincan to enable customer-facing teams to intelligently prepare, engage, measure and continually improve the buying experience for their customers. For more information about Bigtincan (ASX: BTH), visit: or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

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SOURCE: Bigtincan

Source: Bigtincan