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New, world-leading quantum network launched at the University of Technology Sydney

Dr Marika Kieferova and Professor Michael Bremner of the UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information. Photo by CQC2T.

The Australian Quantum Software Network (AQSN) aims to bring together vast expertise across Australia in quantum software and information theory research and development.

Professor Michael Bremner, Director of the UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information (, comments on Australia’s role in the quantum industry.

“Australian researchers have been at the forefront of building the theoretical and software foundations for quantum computing, and the AQSN is designed to accelerate this further by building partnerships, both domestically and internationally, to keep Australia a major component of the global quantum industry far into the future.”

The AQSN launches with more than 110 members at nine universities and two Australian-based quantum software start-ups, representing the world’s most extensive collection of quantum software and information theory expertise.

The AQSN has also teamed up with six initial partners to foster collaborations and partnerships between quantum hardware and software:

– Google Quantum AI
– Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), Japan
– Aalto University, Finland
– Australian venture capital-based quantum hardware companies Silicon Quantum Computing, Quantum Brilliance and Diraq Pty Ltd

The AQSN members cover all aspects of quantum software and information theory research. This involves understanding foundational principles of quantum computation and communications to building software tools. These tools include software to control quantum hardware and software to assess the utility of quantum computing to solve some of the world’s most challenging computational problems.

Professor Kae Nemoto, unit leader at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) and recent recipient of the French national order of merit for her work in quantum technology development, commented on the impact of the network.

“Many of the most important results in our field were pioneered by Australian researchers, and the AQSN forms arguably the world’s best cooperation of top-tier quantum software and theory talent. I expect extraordinary advances to come out of this initiative.”

The AQSN’s mission in the coming years is to further the growth of software R&D talent and expertise within Australia, integrating Australian innovation into the rapidly expanding global ecosystem.

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Source: University of Technology Sydney