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Newgen Secures a Patent for Centralized Controlled Printing and Administration


– Patent to help enterprises in optimizing cost, and enabling anytime anywhere, secure, green printing

Newgen Software, a global provider of low code digital transformation platform [], has announced that the Indian patent office has granted a patent (No. 386151) for its invention entitled “Centralized Controlled Printing and Administration.” This is for a term of 20 years commencing from January 04, 2010, in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970.

This invention is for facilitating centrally managed and automated printing which also safeguards document confidentiality. Apart from the regular mode of printing, it includes pull printing which gives users flexibility to print their documents from anywhere. Furthermore, this has a universal printer driver which removes the dependency on printer-specific drivers.

The printing system also helps in green printing and earning carbon credits while suggesting cost-optimization and paper-saving options, including black and white printing instead of colored, double-sided printing, multiple sheets per page, and single copy printing. Furthermore, it offers an ROI calculator for quantifying benefits and savings while also reporting real time print statistics.

“We are delighted that the Indian patent office has yet again recognized the uniqueness of our technology. This invention will facilitate enterprises with anytime, anywhere, secure printing while enabling integration with existing systems and ensuring adherence to compliance requirements,” said Virender Jeet, CEO, Newgen Software.

Newgen has filed 44 patents till date, out of which 22 have been granted in India and the US. The patents acquired by Newgen further strengthen its leadership in building cutting-edge, industry-specific applications, instrumental in driving digital transformation.

Annually, Newgen invests 9-10% of its revenue on research and development and has a skilled team of about 500 people with deep domain expertise.

About Newgen Software Technologies Limited

Newgen is a leading provider of low code digital automation platform. Globally, successful financial institutions, insurance, government, and shared services organizations rely on Newgen’s industry-recognized products and applications—to manage their processes (BPM), content (ECM), and communications (CCM)—for connected operations. From customer onboarding to service requests, from loans and deposits to underwriting, and many more, Newgen’s industry applications transform business-critical operations with agility. Newgen’s cloud-based platform enables digital transformation initiatives for superior customer experience, optimized costs, and improved efficiencies.

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Source: Newgen Software Technologies Pty Ltd

Source: Newgen Software Technologies Pty Ltd