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NFT Stadium Launches New Marketplace to Bring Fan Communities Exclusive and Innovative Experiences


— New Full-Service NFT Platform Grants Access to Exciting New Ways for Fans to Get Closer to Their Favorite Teams, Athletes, Gamers, Musicians and More

NFT Stadium ( ), a fan-first full-service NFT development agency and marketplace, today announced the launch of its new website and platform, which is designed to create a 360-degree fandom experience, using NFTs to connect passionate fans with their favorite teams, athletes, gamers, musicians, personalities and brands. NFT Stadium works with fan-driven brands in strategic and collaborative ways, partnering with innovative intellectual property owners (IPs) to nurture their most loyal users and customers through NFT-enhanced experiences.

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NFT Stadium will drop its Genesis collection Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022, providing an opportunity for early adopters to acquire NFTs with future platform utility. The Genesis collection is a ticket to secure benefits while using NFT Stadium, offering exclusive rewards that range from whitelist access, early minting, reduced platform fees, and future in-person events.

The company is opening its whitelist for this exclusive drop on Tuesday, February 21, 2022. Additionally, NFT Stadium will host a Twitter Spaces event on the same day to introduce audiences and users to the NFT Stadium platform.

“We believe an NFT represents more than a transaction, but rather a relationship.,” said Catherine Lee, Chief Executive Officer and founder of NFT Stadium. “NFT collectorship is a participatory experience and we’re partnering with IP visionaries who see the possibilities for ongoing engagement that goes beyond an NFT purchase.”

NFT Stadium uniquely focuses on extending the relationship fans enjoy with their favorite brands with the primary goal of encouraging engagement. NFT Stadium focuses on bringing value for NFT holders, providing access to fun and engaging fan-driven experiences within like-minded communities.

With engagement strategies that include additional NFT drops, exclusive events, and other IP-specific perks NFT Stadium offers fans a piece of the action, strengthening their experience and fan loyalty. It is platform-agnostic, encouraging participants to buy and sell NFTs minted at NFT Stadium as well as other platforms. Currently, NFT Stadium is Ethereum based with plans to integrate Polygon and Solana.

“There is a newfound appreciation for being able to interact with our passions, especially at a community level. Experiential NFTs offer a way to immortalize the fan experience, driving connection and engagement in a completely new way,” said Sam Simmons, consulting Chief Strategy Officer of NFT Stadium. “That is what NFT Stadium will be bringing to passionate fans across many brands and IPs – a way to cultivate and build a relationship through NFTs.”

NFT Stadium intends to add new partners throughout 2022, taking advantage of a fast-growing market opportunity. NFT Stadium is actively seeking IP partners across the sports, gaming, music and entertainment sectors.

Potential partners can contact NFT Stadium to learn more about how they can leverage blockchain technology to engage their most loyal fans, not only by selling NFTs but also by offering exclusive perks and rewards to nurture their most passionate followers. Prospective partners can learn more at

About NFT Stadium

NFT Stadium is a fan-first full-service NFT marketplace and development agency dedicated to creating innovative NFT experiences for passionate fanbases across sports, gaming, music, and entertainment. The NFT Stadium team provides technology and guidance to help brand partners use NFTs to create participatory relationships between IP holders and their fans. NFT Stadium is also a full-service NFT marketplace that offers original collections and serves as a platform-agnostic secondary market to buy and sell NFTs from collections minted anywhere. Please visit: to learn more. Join the conversation on social media at Twitter ( ), LinkedIn ( ), Instagram ( ) and Discord ( ).

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