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North China’s Tianjin Xiqing District ready for bigger prosperity with enhanced cooperation


With a total area of 565.36 square kilometers and a residential population of 1.195 million, Xiqing District of north China’s port city Tianjin enjoys well-connected transportation, convenient life, rich educational resources and concentrated key industries.

It is a charming new city full of vitality as well as a civilized ancient city with a long history.

Xiqing’s history dates back to the late Northern Song Dynasty to the Jin and Yuan dynasties.

The district is home to Yangliuqing Chinese New Year wood-block paintings, the best-known among China’s four major Spring Festival wood-block paintings. Xiaonanhe Village in Xiqing District is the birthplace of Huo Yuanjia, a brave martial arts master and patriot.

The Grand Canal, which was built more than 600 years ago to link the country’s north and south, has brought prosperity to the region thanks to facilitated trade along the route. Today Xiqing is still a vibrant city looking forward to exchanges and cooperation worldwide.

The district has claimed many modern national titles. It is listed as national pilot areas for developing Internet of vehicles and integrating advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. Xiqing is also one of the country’s 9 electronic information industry bases, a major auto parts export hub, an industrial demonstration base of national new industrialization, and a national pilot district of agricultural green development, among others.

Xiqing also has a nourishing investment environment. A fund has been established to specifically promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Tianjin and its neighbouring provincial-level regions Beijing and Hebei, contributing to the development of sci-tech firms.

By far, Xiqing District has introduced plenty of high-quality projects from Beijing, including JINGWEI HIRAIN R&D headquarters, Xiabu Xiabu headquarters, Qi-Anxin Industrial Park of Network Information Security and GENKI FOREST.

Besides, the Tianjin south railway station sci-tech business zone, an important carrier to undertake Beijing’s non-capital functions in the municipality, is located in Xiqing District.

With rich university resources, Xiqing District offers a solid talent foundation and scientific research guarantee for enterprises here.

Source: The Publicity Department of Xiqing District