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Novari Health Launches Surgical Overdues Management HUB Technology in Response to COVID-19 Crisis


As the global pandemic continues to strain access to elective surgery, Novari Health has launched new technology to help manage COVID-19 surgical waiting lists in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time ever, healthcare systems now have access to an innovative tool to help manage surgical overdues.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant strain on global healthcare systems. Some surgical procedures have necessarily been postponed allowing hospitals and health systems to redirect their available resources to dealing with COVID-19 patients. In response to these elective surgical backlogs, Novari Health has launched the Novari Centralised Surgical Wait List Management HUB (“The HUB”), consolidating real-time surgical wait list case information from hospitals across a district or state, enabling coordination for the management of elective surgical services.

The HUB allows healthcare systems to understand, in real-time, where patients are waiting for surgery and identify bottlenecks at various stages of the surgical process within a healthcare system. Using wait list management, analytics, and interactive mapping, this innovative software supports ministries of health, local health executives, hospital leadership, surgical service managers, directors of surgery, and individual surgeons to manage and coordinate surgical services. Up until now, healthcare systems have not had a tool to provide this level of real-time information combined with surgical wait list management capabilities.

Having a state-of-the-art, centralised surgical wait list management system, not only greatly elevates capabilities to manage surgical backlogs but will have a dramatic impact on patients waiting for surgery. The system can integrate with any hospital information systems, including Cerner Millennium, WebPAS, iPM, and others.

The HUB builds on Novari Health’s experience in implementing surgical wait list management systems and our unparalleled subject matter expertise in understanding the complexity of access to care for surgical and other healthcare services. This is foundational work that will now enable the Novari engineering team to leverage artificial intelligence to help health systems coordinate surgical services and load balance demand against available surgical resources.

In Australia managing surgical services and ensuring patients receive treatment within their clinical priority timeframes is a constant juggling act for hospitals and health services between elective surgery, emergency surgery and available resources. Novari can help make this easier for everyone involved and improve the process for patients. – John Sinclair, CPHIMS, Chief Executive Officer

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Novari Health designs, builds, and implements award-winning enterprise scale SaaS solutions that improve access to care, coordination of care, and the delivery of healthcare services. Novari’s global reach is supported with offices and staff in Sydney-NSW, Auckland-NZ, Kingston-ON, and Vancouver-BC. ISO 27001 certified, Novari Health is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with software solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure Australian cloud data centres. For more information, visit ( ) or contact Gavin Meredith, General Manager, Australasia, by email at

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SOURCE: Novari Health Inc.

Source: Novari Health Inc.