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Novel and fast typing method developed to control monkeypox by Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) in collaboration with the Amsterdam UMC and Danish Rigshospitalet

GOES, Netherlands

In the worldwide effort to control monkeypox, a novel and fast typing method to trace monkeypox virus strains was developed by Dutch company Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) in collaboration with the department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Disease Prevention of the Amsterdam UMC and researchers of the Danish Rigshospitalet. Apart from being fast, this new method allows for analysis of multiple samples simultaneously. This way, genetic characterization of monkeypox virus can be used in source- and contact analyses and help determine the measures of choice. Analyzing multiple samples simultaneously, reduces cost per sample, meaning more insight for the same cost. A photo can be found

The method has first been tested in the Amsterdam region; this led to new insights regarding the genetic diversity of monkeypox virus. This method was employed investigating the infection of the first child in the Netherlands. The characterization of mutations in the virus from the child was compared to other monkeypox viruses in the region. In a publication from July 21, 2022, in the widely read scientific journal Euro Surveillance the research into this case and the infectious chain are described. Using source- and contact analyses, no link with other cases was found. Possibly more undetected infections exist than assumed until now.

(Publication Euro Surveillance: )

An important bonus of this newly developed typing method is the usability for other viruses as well. By integrating this technique in source- and contact surveillance early stage, earlier insight into the spread of novel viruses can be acquired. This will enable fast, concrete, and accurate action.

The above is in line with the WHO strategy of surveillance of viruses worldwide, specifically monkeypox. Second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee regarding the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox (

Multiple leading international laboratories have indicated their intention to use this method for the genomic surveillance of monkeypox.

About Molecular Biology Systems
Molecular Biology Systems, B.V., founded in 2015, is a molecular biology solutions company based in the Netherlands. Our NextGenPCR thermocycler uses patented technology to reduce PCR amplification from hours to minutes. NextGenPCR, the PCR technology of the future, available now.


Source: Molecular Biology Systems