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NPD Report: VANKYO Ranks as China’s No.1 Projector Brand in the US Market for Three Consecutive Years


The top home entertainment projector brand VANKYO leads the projector market with prospective innovation and customer-oriented service

VANKYO, the world’s leading innovative home entertainment projector brand, has been named as the No.1 China’s projector export brand in the US market for the third year in a row according to leading market research company NPD.

VANKYO’s sales have grown by over 350 percent since 2018, and the brand has amassed highly rated reviews from more than 500 leading media overseas and nearly 4 million positive user comments.

The global projector market has been recovering and expanding rapidly since 2021, particularly for portable home projectors. The commercial channels including educational, medical, and governmental usage scenarios are also contributors to the industry growth.

Guided by the philosophy of “LIFEHOME,” VANKYO launched the first standard-definition projector in US in February 2018, and it officially hit more overseas regions within the same year. The brand achieved a few milestones in 2019, including the launch of the first high-definition projector and tablet business, debuting at the CES exhibition, followed by the next four consecutive years of participation, and becoming China’s projector export brand champion in the North American market.

In 2020, VANKYO was recognized as one of the most valuable brands by Amazon. It entered the Japan market in April 2021 with an immediate presence in over 1,000 hypermarkets including Yodobashi, Bic Camera, and Yamada, among others.

To date, VANKYO is now available in 8,000 physical stores and global online sales platforms. Through years of continuous development, VANKYO is now sold in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. In every 400 global households, there will be one loyal VANKYO family user.

As consumers are growing more conscious about sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, VANKYO has also launched the Green Life initiative including the Eye Care Program, global Tree-Planting Program and upgraded green packaging, which have engaged over 30,000 users, funded more than 6,800 trees and reduced the carbon emission of every projector packaging by 564.5 grams.

In the future, VANKYO hopes to walk side by side with every family with passion for a better life, contributing to making the world a better place and continuing to evolve to bring innovative products and premium services to our customers.

Source: VANKYO Official