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– Platform redefines selling properties online

NTRY ( ), a Canadian startup with global ambitions, is unveiling its platform later this week to simplify how the world showcases, markets, and sells property online. Aimed at brokers, agents, developers, and buyers, the NTRY platform breathes new life into the antiquated ways of selling homes.

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The NTRY platform taps into the power of high-fidelity 3D visualization, elevating renderings and still images into interactive showcases for developers’ latest offerings, seamlessly blending them into a mirror of the real world to create a purpose-driven metaverse.

Capitalizing on cloud technology, the NTRY platform currently hosts thousands of listings in Toronto, the construction crane capital of the world ( ), its neighbouring cities, and has their sights set on other flourishing international real-estate markets.

NTRY makes the lives of real estate professionals and their customers easier. Accessible through a simple website login, all that’s needed is an internet-connected device. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. After two years of the pandemic, the real estate industry has embraced property technology to normalize virtual meetings and increase transparency among savvy clients, according to PWC’s 2022 Emerging Real Estate Trends ( ) report.

“As a realtor who has sold billions of dollars of real estate in a few short years, I noticed prop-tech as a key industry opportunity for years. Wanting to find the best possible solution for the industry, led to great minds working together tirelessly to develop and launch NTRY today,” says co-founder and established realtor, Julian Pucci. “NTRY is accelerating the future of real estate.”

But this is just the start. NTRY is teaming up with acclaimed TV host and realtor Ryan Serhant ( ) to preview its platform. Tune in at 6:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 21 to see what the future of real estate looks like:


NTRY ( ) is the premier real estate metaverse bringing up-to-date information on any properties in the global real estate market. Established in 2021 by a team of entrepreneurs with expertise in urban planning, real estate, as well as software and game development, they’ve developed a tool to disrupt the status quo and innovate how people interact with property.

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