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NW China’s Ningxia Wines shine at 2022 ProWein

NW China's Ningxia Wines shine at 2022 ProWein

2022 International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits, namely Prowein, kicked off on May 15 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Thirty-six wineries from Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region, China’s biggest concentrated wine grape plantation area, take part in the exhibition. On the opening ceremony, Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region was awarded the prize of Emerging Sustainable Wine Region and ten wines awarded Best Wine and Sustainable wine respectively.

Ningxia participates in the event online with its display booth established in convention and exhibition center in Dusseldorf and a conference room in Yinchuan, capital city of Ningxia. Ningxia presents its charming customs and flavors and showcases the development of its wine industry through live footage from the two sites.

Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region is located between 37 and 39 degrees North Latitude and is thus internationally recognized as one of the world’s “golden belt” for planting grapes. In terms of natural endowment, the area enjoys abundant sunshine, has little annual rainfall, registers big differences in temperatures in different seasons, and maintains low air humidity, which make the nectarous Ningxia wines have the typical oriental style with the sweet, supple and balanced mouthfeel.

Over the past few years, Ningxia has taken advantage of its unique natural conditions, emulated and followed the good examples of other major vineyards across the world, learning good and updated world wine producing models and building up a base of top quality vineyards. A constellation of large and small-and-medium-sized vineyards here are forging increasingly popular brands, experiencing a full momentum of consolidating a major wine industry.

Up to now, Ningxia has 550,000 mu (366,850 square kilometers) of vineyards and has 101 wineries, producing 130 million bottles of wine each year. The Ningxia wines have won over 1,000 international prizes, over 60 percent of all the prizes ever won by Chinese wineries.

In 2013, J. Robinson, world’s guru for wine tasting, introduced Ningxia wines into “World Wine Map”, while the Region won the prestige of one of the world’s top 10 wine tourism destinations in an evaluation by an international institution of experts. In 2021, the Ningxia wine became one of Sino-Europe cooperation’s geographical symbols. In the same year, Chinese government approved Ningxia to build the National Open Development Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Grape and Wine Industry, the first of its kind in China, which means Ningxia entering the country’s national development strategical planning.

As one of the most prestigious international trade fair for wines & spirits, 2022 ProWein has attracted over 60 countries and regions with 5,500 participants to join. Through the event, Ningxia aims to enhance with other major wine-producing countries and wine organizations the communication and operation on variety, technology, education, talents, etc., increase international popularity of the region and open wider global markets for the wines.

Source: Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region