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OMODA Ecosphere Peripheral Design Topic Arouses Heated Discussions


In the Australian market, famous brands are mostly concerned about the creation of ecosphere for their peripheral products, and launch from time to time peripheral ecosphere derivatives.

The attention of Australian consumers to companies’ ecosphere has prompted Chery to launch on Australian Facebook platform the interactive topic of OMODA Ecosphere Peripheral Design of Smart Wearable Devices for Sports, which has drawn Australian Chery fans into a heated discussion on this social media topic and aroused among them strong interest in OMODA ecosphere. In the discussion of this social media interactive topic, Facebook users are invited to share their views on OMODA ecosphere peripherals, and Australian online users may participate in the design discussion of OMODA smart wearable devices, so Chery OMODA and Australian consumers can create together the future ecosphere peripherals.

OMODA originates in Latin, where “O” means new and “MODA” trendy and in fashion, and, therefore, the word expresses an unquestionable attitude and strength of a new generation hardcore vogue. OMODA 5, Chery’s first global model, adopts the Art in Motion design language, has the inspiration of changing light and shadow forged in the car body, and presents a surreal and miraculous vision.

This global model of OMODA, diverse, inclusive and customer-centric, merges user creativity, radiates trendy technology and aims to be a futuristic high-tech vehicle to satisfy Australian consumers’ pursuit of vanguard fashion and diversified technologies.





Source: Chery