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Oncoshot Enters Collaboration Agreement With Omico (Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre)

Oncoshot Enters Collaboration Agreement With Omico (Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre)

Oncoshot has just entered into a collaboration agreement with Omico, the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre. The respective parties were represented at the event yesterday by Dr Huren Sivaraj, CEO and co-founder of Oncoshot, and Prof David Thomas, CEO of Omico and head of Genomic Cancer Medicine at the Garvan Institute. The event was witnessed by guests-of-honour Dr Shanny Dyer, CEO of ARCS Australia, and Dr Xiaowei Shi VP, Head of APAC clinical operations at BeiGene.

As one of the first of its kind in Australia, this collaboration between Omico and Oncoshot is regarded as a potential reference model for the rest of the Australian healthcare landscape when it comes to data sharing between private and public healthcare stakeholders. As Omico is one of Australia’s leading cancer research networks, this partnership will create opportunities for global trial sponsors to leverage real-time aggregated patient insights with biomarker data and present Omico and its network of hospitals as preferred site partners within the region.

“Omico is excited to establish this partnership with Oncoshot that will enable Australian cancer patients greater access to the latest cancer drugs via global clinical trials. Cancer drug development has entered a new era, based around rational drug design against molecular targets,” says Prof Thomas. “Personalised treatment appears more effective than the old one-size-fits-all approach. Omico believes that clinical trials represent a critical option for our patients, especially when standard treatments fail.”

Despite its importance for population health planning, basic and clinical research and health industry utilisation, access to health data remains problematic. The ability to securely engage in health information exchange can reinforce the integration and cooperation between public and private healthcare stakeholders to allow both sides to reach healthcare goals together. Furthermore, extending this data sharing with the research circle can provide insights into strategies to better the effectiveness and efficiency of health services while evaluating the influence of new health policies and interventions.

Oncoshot’s federated data system was designed to satisfy these needs, and at the same time, observe data protection regulations that ensure data is shared safely and securely. Unlike legacy models requiring data transfer to third parties, federated networks allow data to be visited, meaning queries and algorithms can be sent to and implemented on the often pseudonymized data. Specifically for healthcare, federated health data networks can facilitate access to sensitive health data and have the potential to allow large cohort analysis across healthcare institutions, regional, and national borders.

About Oncoshot

Oncoshot was founded in 2018 by Dr Huren Sivaraj, a medical oncologist, and Ruslan Enikeev, a data science engineer. Oncoshot’s mission is to help oncologists identify cancer clinical trials more efficiently and effectively for patients and their caregivers by supporting hospitals and research partners. Its current focus is to leverage technology to address the inefficiencies of cancer clinical trials. Oncoshot has expanded to Australia and India since its inception in Singapore, an act that highlights its applicability and success. Learn more at

About Omico

Omico is a Commonwealth-funded, non-profit, national precision oncology network of research and treatment centres that facilitates, supports, and promotes clinical trials in genomic cancer medicine. Central to this is the use of molecular screening for the prevention of cancer. Omico connects leading specialists, researchers, government, industry partners and the community. Omico intends to improve outcomes for Australians with cancer by accelerating the use of precision oncology as a research-led model of care, growing the clinical trials industry, and modernising the Australian healthcare system.

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Source: Oncoshot

Source: Oncoshot