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One-million-dollar global Omnipreneurship Awards Challenge to drive innovation in sustainable food production

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

— Reduce reliance on imported feed, in line with the Kingdom’s
self-sufficiency and food-security goals under the Vision 2030 agenda,
and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture’s patronage
— Encourage innovative and environmentally friendly technological
solutions to enable the local production and use of renewable and
sustainable sources of feed in alignment with the ideal locations in the
kingdom and to maintain natural resources
— The grand prize is USD 1 million, whilst the award for each of the five
shortlisted candidates is set at USD 20,000

Tanmiah Food Company (“Tanmiah” or the “Company”, 2281 on the Saudi Exchange), a market leading provider of fresh and processed poultry and other meat products, animal feed and health products, and a foods brand franchise operator, announced the launch of another edition of the Omnipreneurship Awards Sustainability Challenge in October.

The challenge seeks innovative technological solutions to enable the transition from imported corn and soy-based feed towards sustainable, nature-positive, and locally produced feed raw materials, to contribute to local production by obtaining renewable and sustainable feed sources. Tanmiah consumes over 300,000 metric tons of feed currently, where 100% are imported.

To mitigate the current dependency on imported feed, align with self-sufficiency and food security goals in Saudi Arabia, and contribute to Vision 2030, we aim to provide a solution enabling Tanmiah to produce the feed locally,
cost-effectively, at an industrial scale, in a nature-positive and sustainable

Tanmiah’s CEO, Zulifqar Hamadani, highlighted, “The Omnipreneurship Awards
Sustainability Challenge is another critical step that we are taking towards our
strategic goal of becoming a carbon-neutral organization. Driven by our
commitment to align our business operations to one of the Saudi Vision
Realization Programs, the National Transformation Program, we are delighted to
extend an opportunity leading industry experts and other innovator scholars to
showcase innovative solutions to conserve the environment.”

Ahmed Sharaf Osilan, Executive board member and Managing Director of Tanmiah,
added, “Following the tremendous success of the Challenge in 2020 which saw 93
participants from 41 countries, competing to reduce carbon emissions from food
production and generate commercial value from production waste and the
announcement of the USD 1 million grand prize winner Polymeron, under the
patronage of HE the Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, we look
forward to new ground-breaking initiatives. The Challenge is in line with the
National Transformation Program, a key pillar of Saudi Vision 2030; Tanmiah is
committed to becoming a more socially responsible corporate citizen, that
continues to play a pioneering role in the Kingdom’s food security and
self-sufficiency goals.”

For those interested in participating in the 2022 Omnipreneurship Awards
Challenge and looking to showcase their innovative ideas for sustainable
production and use of poultry feed, please register using the following link: [].

For Enquiries:

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Chief Sustainability Officer
Tanmiah Food Company
Tel: +966 50 067 4632
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Source: Tanmiah