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Ordos, a City of Happiness that Warms the World

ORDOS, China
Ordos, a city of happiness that warms the world

Recently, Ordos was listed as one of China's "happiest cities of 2023", such a title has now become the city's brightest new mark, according to Ordos Media Convergence Center.

From a noteless northwestern town to a city of happiness, Ordos' confidence to achieve this amazing transformation lies in its pleasant climate, geographical advantages and rapport of residents.

Nestled in southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ordos boasts gorgeous grassland, desert and fresh air. With more than 300 days of fine air quality in a whole year and an average temperature of 21 degrees centigrade in summer, the city's agreeable climate and leisurely lifestyle immerse its residents in happiness.

Besides unique climate, Ordos' happiness is also rooted in its geographical advantages, including kaleidoscopic gorgeous scenery and abundant products. Prairies, deserts or valleys, all its multiple landscapes are poetic. Its proven reserves of coal and natural gas accounts for 1/6 and 1/3 of the country's total. A ceramic clay reserve of 6.5 billion ton ranks second in the whole world. Its cashmere output accounts for 13% of the world's total, and the unique Albas white goat cashmere is of prime quality in the world. Such a superb competitiveness is certainly a reliable foundation for the happiness of its residents, so that they could be at ease.

Nevertheless, the happiness of Ordos is not merely granted by agreeable climate and geographical advantages. To meet people's desire for a happy life is always the goal of its leadership. Satisfying houses, education, elderly care service and health service are all accessible; food markets, gymnastic fields and green parks are close at hand; various smart services such as order meals by scanning QR codes and face-scan payment are quite common in daily life; driven by technology progress and supporting-policies, smart transportation represented by driver-less sightseeing bus, shared taxi, self-driving vending machine are ever upgrading. All these efforts have brought happiness to residents.

With beautiful scenery just out of the door, Ordos is a poetic land for residents and tourists alike. This city of happiness, which warms the world, is emerging as a dreamland for more and more people.

Source: Ordos Media Convergence Center