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OurSong – The Global, Unique NFT Platform for Everyone Now with Polygon Free NFT Minting


OurSong is the global NFT platform co-founded by R&B star John Legend and a group of reputable technologists and music veterans to bring people together. OurSong and the Our Happy Company behind the platform, are building infrastructure and services for the creator economy to own the future of self-expression and creativity.

The free, mobile NFT platform for everyone

OurSong’s mission is that everyone’s talent should have equal opportunity by making new technologies easy to use. While many platforms require complicated and costly processes for NFT creation and ownership, OurSong offers an easy-to-use mobile experience that makes NFT ownership open to all.

On OurSong, creators can attach content and privileges to each NFT, including access to music, chatrooms, and augmented reality experiences. In addition to lowering the threshold for trying to mint NFT, OurSong is built using various blockchain technologies to ensure the lowest cost minting. And with OurSong utilizing Polygon in addition to, users minting NFT’s on the platform can even do so for free.

Wallet not required, give friends your vibes

Typical wallets are not required to access and own OurSong NFT content. With the platform’s ‘Vibes’ tradable NFT’s, anyone can now turn stories, music, photography, and art into NFT trading cards. Vibes allows users to unlock exclusive updates and access private chat communities where they can meet like-minded others. Vibes can be created in seconds anywhere, at any time, helping anyone turn their content into valuable assets.

In addition, creators can send Vibes NFTs minted on the platform to people who are not OurSong users. After the recipients click the claim link, they can quickly register OurSong to see the gifts appear in their wallets.

For the true collectors

OurSong is also the place NFT creators can manage their works, reach new followers, and easily find collections that they are interested in. The platform already features a variety of unique NFT collections for users to check out via the OurSong mobile app. Currently, the app is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Japanese languages on the Apple App Store( and Google Play( Additional language support is coming soon.

Source: Our Happy Company