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PANDORUM International Inc. has engaged EVOLUTION Life Science Partners to assist the company in raising capital to fund the ongoing development of its assets, primarily Bioengineered Liquid Cornea, advanced therapeutics to promote cornea regeneration. The capital would support the clinical translation of the first in class, first in human tissue regenerative reprogramming treatment via Phase 1/2a studies, along with advancing Pandorum’s proprietary technology platform that enables production of advanced regenerative therapeutics with control, scalability and consistency, for cornea and beyond. While PANDORUM is currently engaged with USFDA for the clinical translation of its Cornea pipeline, the broader objective is to move from therapeutics for single tissue regeneration (such as, Cornea, Liver and Lung) to multi-tissue regenerative therapy, with the potential to extending healthy lifespan. The company is also exploring licensing and M&A opportunities of its assets with various pharmaceutical organizations, with the assistance from EVOLUTION.

PANDORUM’s cofounder and CEO, Tuhin Bhowmick stated, “We are excited with this new partnership with EVOLUTION. Pandorum has reached an inflection point in its journey which will require a larger fund raise and capital market expertise. We believe that the partnership with EVOLUTION would help us achieve our immediate objective as well as the broader vision to make Regenerative Medicine a scalable, efficacious mainstream reality to treat millions in need across the world.”

Neal Fischer, Managing Director at EVOLUTION stated, “The partners at EVOLUTION are excited about Pandorum’s unique engineered exosome platform technology and we look forward to assisting the company in getting access to capital and exploring other strategic options to advance their pipeline.”

EVOLUTION Life Science Partners is a life science investment bank that specializes in licensing, strategic advisory, M&A, and capital raising. To learn more about EVOLUTION, visit

PANDORUM International Inc. is a regenerative medicine company with proprietary tissue regeneration platform. Founded in 2011 by academic entrepreneurs, PANDORUM has labs in San Carlos, USA and Bangalore, India. To learn more about PANDORUM, visit

Source – PANDORUM International Inc