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Plasan is revealing a new vehicle – WILDER

KIBBUTZ SASA, Israel, June 13

At Eurosatory 2022 Plasan Sasa Ltd. [ ] (“Plasan”) is revealing an exciting new vehicle, designed from the ground up to answer the needs of military patrols and Special Forces. The groundbreaking design breaks the paradigm that forces had to choose between mobility, protection and firepower.

Wilder provides Stanag 4569 Level 2 protection for 4 people in a compact package weighing just 3.7t and offering a full 800kg of payload. With a huge 370mm of wheel travel due to a unique patented suspension system, a reliable 420Nm engine driving all 4 wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and a central driving position with panoramic view, the Wilder has the mobility and off-road capability of a racing buggy, combined with the protection and remotely operated firepower normally only seen on vehicles weighing twice as much. Situational awareness is excellent for all 4 occupants in the comfortable air-conditioned monocoque Kitted Hull™, and the rear cargo bed can accommodate a NATO pallet packed with equipment and supplies for a long mission with ease.

Light and compact, Wilder is internally transportable by CH47 making it deployable wherever your forces need to be, and allowing it to take on multiple missions including reconnaissance and raids over the roughest terrains and in the harshest of conditions.

Options available include 4-wheel steering and remote control of the entire vehicle. The crew can dismount and remotely drive the vehicle and its weapon to a vantage point without putting themselves in danger. With this fully integrated drive-by-wire capability and associated cameras and sensors, the Wilder is also ready for fully autonomous operation.

Wilder can also be paired with Plasan’s ATeMM to create a hybrid-electric 6×6 with 2t of combined payload and all of the exportable power and system capability of the unique ATeMM and ATeMM Tandem.

This highly innovative clean-sheet design is being offered by Plasan as a turnkey product or in kit form for local assembly by vehicle manufacturers around the world.

The WILDER and the ATeMM will be presented at our booth EXT Pe6B, e231 at Eurosatory.

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SOURCE: Plasan Sasa Ltd.