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PressPlay Completed Series B Funding to Accelerate its Business Expansion


Expanding with three primary strategies and planning to apply for the emerging stock market in 2023

PressPlay, the first Influence Economy Group in Taiwan, announced that it had completed Series B Funding with several hundred million. PressPlay plans to use the investment to expand the overseas business, enlarge the organization, and accelerate its influence ecosystem’s growth with three cores: entertainment, brand, and knowledge. PressPlay also plans to apply for the emerging stock market in Taiwan in 2023 to extend its global influence through the power of the capital market.

PressPlay expects to grow 50% in 2022 with the three cores

PressPlay was established in 2016 and introduced services closely connected to everyone’s daily life. PressPlay has created its influence ecosystem in three core areas:

Entertainment influence: PressPlay now has exclusive contracts with 36 creators in Taiwan and Hong Kong, of which 9 have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Brand influence: Collaborated with several creators since 2019 to incubate lifestyle product brand IPs.

Knowledge influence: PressPlay Academy (PPA)has built the most advanced online learning platform in Taiwan with influence power and technology and provides diverse learning methods and content.

PressPlay Group achieved 1400 million in gross revenue in 2021 and created a 93% annual growth rate with its business expansion.

PressPlay announces three major strategies and accelerates overseas expansion.

PressPlay officially announced IPO as its next step. PressPlay will keep strengthening the existing strategies and focus on three primary strategies:

(1) Overseas Expansion: PressPlay will further introduce its monetization business model for creators to overseas markets and aggressively increase overseas collaboration opportunities.

(2) Cross-business profit maximization: PressPly launched Next Master business to focus on creating online courses for creators and will enhance the collaboration with knowledge content business (PPA) to maximize cross-business profits.

(3) Online learning platform “double-perfection”: PPA has enhanced video shooting quality and created a “perfect” learning experience with AI technology, covering the learning mechanism, interactive experience, learning tools, creator content evaluation, etc.

PressPlay co-founder Dennis Lin said: “PPA will become a platform combining technology, learning, and content creation this year. We strive to optimize the learning experience and challenge to provide the best video quality among the online learning platforms in Taiwan. We will continue to create a dynamic online learning academy globally to be the leading brand in the market.

Contact: Yaki Cheng,

Source: PressPlay