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Project LOLLIPOP at the HANEDA WEB 3.0 EXPO 2023

Lollipop Booth at the Haneda WEB3.0 Expo 2023

The first ever gatherings of NFTs and NFT Marketplaces in Tokyo, Japan, HANEDA WEB 3.0 EXPO 2023-The Bridge to the world through Blockchain, was held last February 10-11, 2023 by Haneda Future Research Institute Inc. at the Haneda Airport. Convenient for business men and alike to travel and be able to visit the booths in the WEB3.0 EXPO.

Haneda Future Research Institute, a subsidiary of the Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd has organized several other events, prior to this expo. They aim to make Haneda Airport a hub to connect the world and Japan’s regions. One other event organized was an NFT Art Event done last July of 2022.

Tickets were sold out! CEOs, Founders, Influencers were all present to share about their journey in terms of the WEB3.0, Metaverse, and NFT industries. An advocate of the WEB3.0 industry, Masaaki Taira, Member of the House of Representatives in Japan, gave his insights on the event and the probable contribution of the Metaverse in today’s markets. Sota Watanabe, Founder of AstarNetwork, ShidenNetwork, NextWebCapital and CEO of StartaleHQ was also in attendance as he shared his take on the current situation of WEB3.0.

LOLLIPOP’s Innovative Approach

A Gold sponsor, LOLLIPOP, always wants to come out with a bang! Don’t be intimidated because of the one-of-a-kind black and colorful background. Behind the loot and bag tag giveaways, the project aims to bring all NFT Marketplaces together in the Metaverse. Visitors were educated about it’s plans and the goals of the project.

As always, the booth stood out and became a bridge in further cultivating people for the potential of what the Metaverse has brought to the markets in the past few months.

LOLLIPOP’s Achievements at the Summit

LOLLIPOP’s brand advocate, Chad, gave an impressive presentation on “LOLLIPOP’s Role in the Web3/Metaverse”. He stated, “The project is headed to the moon and LOLLIPOP will be an indispensable marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.” Chad’s speech had people recognize LOLLIPOP as a cutting-edge solution that will revolutionize the metaverse era.


Currently a DeFi system, with swap and stake functions, using their own LPOP token, LOLLIPOP aims to evolve into a democratic and interoperable cross-chain NFT market. Hoping to further develop the NFT marketplace by introducing a more seamless and user-friendly platform for the general public.
Twitter: @LollipopBsc