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Qingdao Listed among “Ten Most Beautiful Cities in China”

The release of the list of "Ten Most Beautiful Cities in China"

On May 5, the launch ceremony of "Cities with a Wonderful Life in China" was held in Chengdu, jointly sponsored by the China Media Group, the National Bureau of Statistics, China Post Group Corporation, the National School of Development of Peking University and the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University. Qingdao was listed among the "Ten Most Beautiful Cities in China", according to News Office of the People's Government of Qingdao.

The "Ten Most Beautiful Cities in China" have been selected from provincial capital cities, cities with an independent planning status and sub-provincial cities based on big data analysis and questionnaire survey on more than 20 dimensions such as economy, people's livelihood and society. In the questionnaire survey, "green development" is a vital "great perspectives", and "ordinary issues" such as "which aspects need more attention in the employment" and "what to do in leisure time". Among the 20-plus satisfaction degree indicators for cities, Qingdao is ranked top among similar cities nationwide in some indicators, among which it is higher than the national average level in such indicators as employment environment, entrepreneurial environment and support, water/air quality, service for the aged, legal environment, epidemic prevention and control, social relief and aid, parks/green land, the government's efficiency and service attitude.

"Development" lies in the core of beautiful city. The high-quality development of Qingdao has provided the assets and resources to support the wonderful life. In recent years, Qingdao has focused on the development and revival of the substantial economy, continuously optimized its business environment and followed the international development trend. It has gradually developed into a fertile land for development "attractive to investors near and far". According to the data, in the first quarter of 2023, the GDP of Qingdao was 350.387 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 4.8%. In 2022, the import and export trade of Qingdao was worth 911.72 billion yuan, up 7.4% year on year, reaching a new height in the values of foreign trade, import and export.

"Life" is a second core of the beautiful city. "All children can be taken care of, all students can receive education, all work can be paid accordingly, all patients can receive treatment, all the elderly people can receive care, all residents can have a home to live and all vulnerable can receive support." It has been the ideal Qingdao has been in pursuit of ceaselessly to infuse warmth to development, create a happy life for all citizens to share the development achievements and enjoy a better city. In 2022, Qingdao focused on the pain spots and tough issues which received strong public attention and many complaints from the citizens among the nine fields of people's livelihood, as it launched the Focused Effort 2.0 for People's Livelihood, "delivered a satisfactory answer sheet" in handling 16 concrete affairs and solidly secured "the happiness" of a wonderful life.

"Warmth" is a third core of the beautiful city. Qingdao has tried to enhance the urban quality and build a livable, resilient and intelligent city in all aspects. In Qingdao, people can enjoy the view of the mountains and the sea, the green sights when opening the window, and enjoy a walk in the park near home. Nowadays, living in Qingdao has become a "wonderful" experience. All people living in Qingdao can also be involved in the city's growth in all aspects of politics, economy, society and culture as the "master" of the city. Their enthusiasm in the wonderful life has been manifested in their heart and behaviors, which has highlighted the kindness of Qingdao, a friendly city, again and again.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Qingdao