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“Rainforest and You” Experiential Activity Held in Wuzhishan, Hainan, China

"Rainforest and You" Experiential Activity held in Wuzhishan, Hainan, China.

Recently, an activity themed “Rainforest and You” that integrates live-action performance at fields was held in Wuzhishan City, Hainan Free Trade Port, China. The pleasant rural scenery, unique culture of Li ethnic group, and wonderful singing and dancing performances have attracted a large number of tourists, according to Publicity Department of Wuzhishan Municipal Party Committee.

This year, the main venue of the “Rainforest and You” is set in the Wuzhishan area of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. There will be more than ten cultural tourism activities, including natural education, forest health care, leisure and vacation, ecological science popularization and wildlife appreciation, successively carried out in the surrounding cities and counties of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park.

According to Lin Qing, the chief planner and chief director of the “Rainforest and You” activity, the live-action performances are the highlight of this activity, which, under the natural background of Wuzhishan rural grain-sunning ground, ecological farmlands, and field trails, integrated with the local minority cultures, include about 430 local mass to act in the performances together, and are planned to be upgraded to a sustainable rural cultural tourism project.

The “Rainforest and You” activity is an ecological culture brand activity planned and launched by Hainan Province. It aims to fully enhance the publicity and promotion of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, show the charm of the national park, cultivate the national park culture, spread the concept of the national park, and display the fruitful results of tropical rain forest protection and national park construction in all respects.

Source: Publicity Department of Wuzhishan Municipal Party Committee