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Ramco Systems positioned a LEADER in Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix(R) Assessment 2022 for APAC


-Strong footprint in Asia-Pacific and focus on offering touchless payroll experience leads to Ramco’s prominent positioning

Leading global payroll software provider Ramco Systems [] announced that it has been positioned as a LEADER in Everest Group’s Multi-country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix(R) Assessment 2022 for APAC []. Download Report []

Evaluating service providers based on their market success and capability, this year Everest Group assessed 20 MCP service providers in terms of their market impact, vision & capability. Ramco’s strong footprint in the Asia-Pacific, together with its focus on offering a touchless payroll experience by leveraging next-gen technology like AI, ML and RPA have proved to be the game-changers.

“Ramco’s differentiation lies in providing a unified payroll platform for more than 60 countries, with 45+ countries in the APAC region. Its investments and partnerships aimed at expanding its technology offering and simplifying the implementation cycle for end clients is well-aligned with buyer expectations, positioning it strongly in the MCP space and contributing to its position as a Leader in Everest Group’s APAC MCP PEAK Matrix(R) Assessment 2022,” stated Priyanka Mitra, Practice Director, Everest Group.

Rohit Mathur, Head – Ramco Global Payroll, Ramco Systems, said, “At Ramco, we have been investing our time and efforts in helping modern organizations transform their payroll, through AI-powered automation, and innovative concepts around self explaining payslip, voice-enabled payroll navigation, chatbots, and more. We continue to add more countries to expand the coverage on our platform which is our unique proposition to our customers. Our positioning as a Leader, is testament to our commitment in delivering a robust digital payroll platform. Ramco is excited to be at the helm of next-gen payroll technology, enabling global organizations embrace the era of modern payroll platforms.”

Download the Ramco-focused excerpt of Everest Group’s APAC MCP Solutions PEAK Matrix(R) Assessment 2022 HERE [].

About Ramco Global Payroll:

Complete with mobile, chatbots and voice, organizations can deploy Ramco Global Payroll on-cloud, on premise or leverage as a managed service. With statutory compliance across 60+ countries, the multi-tenant architecture with embedded intelligence and API integration now serves 500+ customers worldwide. With innovative concepts of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Chatbots, and Voice-based transactions, Ramco has been setting the benchmark for Innovation in this segment.


Source: Ramco Systems