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REIMS, France, April 13

The singularly elegant personality of Rare Millésime 2013 adds a new tone to Rare Champagne’s millésime collection. This is the thirteenth millésime since Rare Champagne’s rebirth, unveiled at a special event in the heart of the Château de Versailles’s orangery in 1985.

Rare Millésime 2013 expresses floral, spicy, perfumed and smoky notes, with an effervescence in a bright, intense and luminous golden hue. Despite its initially reserved appearance, this vintage unfurls delicious notes of pastries and spices in a saline tension that is both noble and full-bodied.

“Rare Millésime 2013 has a dual nature that emerges during the tasting. Underscored with hints of tropical and mineral notes, the signature of Rare Champagne, it reveals a dazzling elegance that combines salinity, florality and indulgence. Its stunning freshness reminds me of the bright, comforting autumn sun,” said Emilien Boutillat, Chief Winemaker at Rare Champagne.

The two facets of Rare Millésime 2013 on the nose are confirmed in the mouth: smooth and vibrant, indulgent and dynamic. Dazzling until 2040, resplendent thereafter.

Rare Millésime 2013 will be available in early summer at the suggested retail price of €250.


Rare Champagne’s noble origins date back to May 6, 1785, when Florens-Louis Heidsieck met Queen Marie Antoinette for the first time, after which he wrote: “I wanted a cuvée worthy of a queen!” The legend was born 200 years later with the unveiling of the very first Rare Champagne Millésime, Rare Millésime 1976, presented at the Château de Versailles in 1985.

Over the past 40 years, Rare Champagne has only unveiled 13 vintages, all in limited series. The cellar master is committed to selecting exceptional and singular vintages, showcasing a perfect mastery over nature and an experience born of time and know-how.

The golden tiara designed by Arthus Bertrand adorning the precious bottle is an allegory of the triumphant vine. Blossoming year after year, Rare Champagne expresses an elegant style: endless freshness, long-lasting minerality, with a radiant purity and subtle contrasts.

Discovering Rare Champagne is an introduction to the French Art de Vivre, whose timeless elegance knows no borders.

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Source: Rare Champagne