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RCEP Economic and Trade Cooperation in 2022, injecting New Vitality into Global Economic Recovery


The year of 2022 is the first year when RCEP officially comes into effect. While standing in front of the historical opportunities that the RCEP member countries in the region opening up, developing and strengthening local economic and trade cooperation, Qingdao has ushered in a new round of enhanced opening-up. On July 28, the 2022 High-Level Forum for RCEP Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation with the theme of “New Opportunities, New Patterns, and New Voyages” was successfully held in Qingdao.

It is understood that the Forum has invited officials from relevant government departments of RCEP countries, representatives of trade and investment promotion agencies and business associations, ambassadors, research institutes, experts and scholars in the field of economic and trade, as well as enterprise representatives to dock and cooperate with industries in RCEP-related countries and seek common development. The Forum has promoted enterprises to reconstruct the supply chain and value chain from the perspective of RCEP.

The “Declaration of Action on the Promotion of High-quality Implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership by the National Trade Promotion System” was released during the Forum; CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) has awarded a plaque to the local liaison office of RCEP Business Advisory Council China Committee in Qingdao as well as the chairman and vice-chairman units of the committee; and the international version of platform “RCEP Shandon-Trade” was officially launched.

Focusing on shaping the opening pattern to the outside world, serving Qingdao’s deep opening strategy, and taking up the favorable policies led by the RCEP agreement entering into effect, Shibei District in Qingdao will make efforts in RCEP construction in two aspects. First, it will strive to create a demonstration zone for RCEP Shandong economic and trade cooperation, enlarge its first-mover advantage, and organize a high-level forum on RCEP economic and trade cooperation and a special promotion in regions along the Yellow River.
Shibei District is committed to promoting RCEP Shandong Enterprise Service Center in the issuance of certificates of origin on the basis of for 66% of the province’s total, 16% of the country’s total with the objective of continued expansion and upgrading as well as enhancing the influence; With the China-Japan Sea Express Route successfully opening to traffic, it will achieve an annual trade volume of $5 billion USD; Secondly, the deployment of “mutual integration of three areas” of port area, park area and urban area shall be implemented in the forefront of the country. The implementation opinions of “mutual integration of three areas” will be released, accelerating the renewal and transformation of the port area, strengthening the international oil and gas center and shipping insurance operation center, building the shipping financial center of provincial port group and RCEP International Expo Center, attracting projects such as COSCO (China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company) Shipping Qingdao Urban Security Demonstration Base to help the construction of modern international shipping, trade and financial innovation center.

RCEP has realized the strategic empowerment for Qingdao and even the whole Shandong Province. The all-round growth of Shibei District in aspects of policies, platforms and projects is the most vivid portrayal of the success of the two RCEP High-level Forums on Economic and Trade Cooperation, which has brought about substantial changes. We have concrete reasons to believe that a new blueprint of opening up is now unfolding slowly in front of Shibei District taking advantage of this Forum and the power of RCEP.

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