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Reinventing NFT experience – Artemis Launched the World’s First Decentralized Mobile-focused NFT Social & Trading Platform

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We are proud to announce the launch of Artemis, the world’s first decentralized mobile-focused NFT social & trading platform starting on Solana. Artemis will first launch with a desktop and mobile web version, offering 0% transaction fees trading until the end of February, followed by the release of a mobile application and in-app social community feature shortly after.

Today, the NFT market is thriving more than ever. NFTs have made a profound impact on the creator economy in both art and gaming worlds. Having shaken up these booming markets, NFTs are set to disrupt multitudes of other industries. However, the current market still lacks a compelling user experience, most NFT platforms are:

-Desktop focused – Meaning that users cannot access and interact with their NFTs on the go.
-Lack of social community – Most of the community actions around NFTs such as discovery, discussion and showcasing are performed away from the NFT platform, leading to a jarring experience as users are forced to switch between apps.
-Lacking personalized user experience – One of Web2.0’s best innovations was being able to create a tailored user experience and this feature has not been integrated on any NFT platform currently in the market.

Artemis is here to change that, to reinvent the way we interact with NFTs by building the first-ever mobile-focused NFT social & trading platform.

Creating A Compelling Mobile NFT Experience

Mobile integration which captures massive user time spent and user engagement has yet to be applied fully in the crypto world. With this at heart, Artemis is developed to be a mobile native platform from day 1 – where users will be able to enjoy and interact with their NFTs 24/7 and on the go.

Developing Our Own In-App Community

Apart from offering a vibrant and secure marketplace for creators and users, we believe social elements are core to the whole user experience. We want our users to be able to conduct their whole NFT experience all in one app. From discovering and hanging out with creators, to collecting NFTs, to interacting, sharing and commenting with friends – users will be able to seamlessly perform all these actions within Artemis, without the need of switching platforms.

Expanding The NFT Industry Into Physical World

Artemis is very excited about the future of NFTs. We are big fans of innovative creator projects who have cultivated their own sticky and lively communities, and we are keen to support these existing as well as up-and-coming NFT projects to continue growing and thriving.

Our ambition also includes expanding the NFT industry into the real world, and in doing so, we can introduce the general population into crypto. At Artemis, we imagine NFT technology can be adapted for real world use cases especially in the realms of luxury, special experiences, as well as ticketing. Such integration with real life use cases will make NFTs part of everyday life and nurture a more sustainable and stickier user base for the industry.

-Luxury – The luxury industry is primed to go into NFTs. Most products in this sector have high prices, struggle with fraudulent counterfeits and are very illiquid in nature. NFT technology can be adapted to establish provenance whilst improving supply chain efficiency in this case.
-Experiences – One of the key changes in the past few years was a rise in the demand for special experiences especially among millennials. To provide a solution to this, NFT technology can be utilized to offer exclusive access to content from a celebrity or personality.
-Ticketing – Premium tickets for concert, sports events are a great way to utilize NFT technology as it is a natural solution to ensuring ticket provenance and to counter secondary black market scalping.

Artemis is targeting to launch the first high profile exclusive collection of redeemable NFTs in Q1 2022, and are in active discussions to bring more of these opportunities onto our platform.

Other Features Coming Soon:

We have a robust pipeline and are also working on some of these exciting features:

-Fiat payments
-Cross-chain capabilities and many more…

Join us on the journey to reinvent the NFT experience.

Visit our website now to start trading and listing with 0% fees until the end of February 2022 and follow the official Artemis Market accounts for updates:


Download Artemis press kit:

SOURCE: Artemis Market

Source: Artemis Market