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Rescue center, a haven for injured wild animals in Qilian Mountains


The Qilian Mountains National Park, located on the border of the provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, is considered a vital shield for ecological security in the western part of China and reputed as “Wet Island”.

The Qinghai section is home to more and more rare wild animals such as snow leopards and Chinese desert cats. In an effort to strengthen the protection of wild animals, a wildlife rescue center has been founded recently. It focuses on rescuing and treating wild animals in the pilot area of the national park.

Covering an area of 1153.59 square meters, the rescue center has built separate shelters for carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and birds, managing to accommodate 43 animals at its maximum.

“With this center we can offer an immediate response to the animals in need of help within the park. People send sick and injured wild animals to us whenever they find one,” said Li Quanliang, director of the rescue center. In the past two months, the rescue center has saved, fed and medically treated several wild animals including three Chinese desert cats, a blue sheep, an orphaned red deer, a vulture and an owl.

“We will release wild animals in the rescue center back to the wild after helping animals regain survival skills,” Li said. “For those unable to survive in the wild, we will take good care of them at the center.”

At the end of 2021, there were 252 species of wild vertebrates living in the park in Qinghai, including 21 under first-class state protection and 53 under second-class state protection in China.

In the future, the rescue center will take on more roles, such as wild animal breeding, scientific research and raising awareness of biodiversity.

More and more local residents are also joining in efforts to rescue injured wild animals as their awareness of environmental protection grows. “With people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, the ecological environment of the Qilian Mountains has been improving,” Li said.

Source: Qinghai Provincial Administration of Qilian Mountain National Park

Source: Qinghai Provincial Administration of Qilian Mountain National Park