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Researchers probe the potential impact of medicinal cannabis on Long COVID symptoms


– Long COVID refers to the chronic symptoms of COVID-19, which include chronic
pain, sleep disturbances and fatigue
– The Bod Australia study, in partnership with UK researchers, has the potential
to pave the way for management or treatment options for the estimated one in
10 people with chronic symptoms following COVID infection
– Bod Australia’s medicinal cannabis is currently prescribed in Australia for
patients with chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders among other

Medicinal cannabis, CBD and hemp healthcare products company, Bod Australia Limited (“Bod”, or “the Company”), has partnered with UK’s leading independent scientific body on drugs, Drug Science UK, to explore the effects of Bod’s medicinal cannabis in managing long-term symptoms among COVID patients, paving the way for potential treatment options for people with the chronic condition.

As part of the agreement, the Bod Long COVID study, a UK-based clinical study to be conducted over six months, will further explore the benefits of Medicabilis CBD 5%, Bod’s cannabinoid-based product on chronic conditions, including fatigue, anxiety and sleep disturbance, in long COVID sufferers.

Long Covid, or ‘post COVID-19 condition’ as formally recognised by the World Health Organisation, usually occurs three months from COVID-19 infection and lasts at least two months after the initial diagnosis[i].

Global estimates suggest that the condition affects at least one-in-10 people with a COVID-19 infection[ii], including patients who have only had mild or moderate disease. Recently, Australian researchers found that unvaccinated people with COVID had a sustained inflammatory response for at least eight months after their initial diagnosis[iii].

However, there is currently no cure for symptoms associated with long COVID, signalling an urgent need to identify and study potential ways to manage the emerging clinical condition.

Marking the announcement of the study, Dr Adele Hosseini, Chief Scientific Officer, Bod Australia, said “More than two years on from the start of the pandemic we are now gaining a clearer picture of the chronic impact of COVID in long-haulers, and we are now in the unique position to explore how we can help these patients manage their symptoms effectively.”

“We are hopeful that the Bod Long COVID Study will reveal how alternative solutions such as medicinal cannabis products have the potential to treat a range of conditions such as pain and anxiety, which may also assist people suffering from long COVID.”

Preliminary findings of the previous Bod Observational Study into chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, currently under review for publication, showed clinically significant improvement within the first four weeks of patients using Bod’s medicinal cannabis. The interim analysis of the data is currently being reviewed for publication. The full analysis results will be made available by mid-2022.

Sydney-based GP, Dr Anjali Didi, added: “It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic symptoms, which are often left underdiagnosed or misunderstood, are likely to linger even in those people who have had mild or moderate infection.”

“Further studies into the effects of cannabis on chronic symptoms are long overdue in the current climate. Patients should not have to suffer or put up with chronic pain, whether it be caused by COVID or another condition.

“Medicinal cannabis is already being trialled and is proving benefits to Australians with conditions around mental health, sleep disorders and chronic pain, epilepsy and recently has been used for symptoms associated with post-Covid (or long COVID),” concluded Dr Didi.

Bod Australia is a science-driven healthcare company that specialises in cannabis innovation. Operating on pillars of science, efficacy, quality and transparency, Bod Australia aims to deliver premium, proven and trusted cannabis medicines to provide doctors and patients with medicine they can trust.


Source: Bod Australia

Source: Bod Australia