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Results of the Jiang Ligang East Asia Cultural City Youth Calligraphy Copying Competition announced


Jiang Ligang, a calligrapher from the Ming Dynasty, was so renowned for his calligraphy skills, earned a wide-ranging reputation not only in China, but also throughout faraway Japan, where he had penned a huge character on the gate of Kyoto. He has long been honored as one of the calligraphy world’s most talented practitioners.

The announcement of the Jiang Ligang East Asian Cultural City Youth Calligraphy Copy Competition concludes the event, which was co-sponsored by Wenzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau and Wenzhou Longwan District People’s Government, and organized by Wenzhou Longwan District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage mutual exchanges and joint study efforts among teenagers in East Asia, to cultivate the mind and enlighten others through the charm of calligraphy, and to show the style and spiritual outlook of East Asian youth.

The competition was divided into two groups by age: Group A (age 13-18), and Group B (under 12). More than 1,000 entries were received from 12 cities in China, Japan and South Korea, including Quanzhou, Qingdao, Ningbo, Harbin, Xi’an, Yangzhou, Shaoxing, Wenzhou (China), Tokyo (Japan), and Yeoju-si, Daegu and Jeju (South Korea). After two evaluation rounds by the expert jury, 70 outstanding awards and 105 finalists were selected. The list of the winners:

On May 15, an online tour of the best works from the calligraphy competition will take place, with the public invited to help in choosing the “Online Popularity Award”.

Source: Wenzhou Culture and Tourism Promotion Center