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Rushan City: Building a Beautiful Ecological Environment at Its Coastal Zone


It's another busy season of travel, as the Silvery Beach at Rushan welcomes tourists from every corner. They walk on the soft sands and have fun with the waves, all their anxieties and worries being blown away with the sea breeze.

Rushan has a coastline of 199.27 kilometers. The sands here are fine, soft and as clean as silver, so it is honored as a "Silvery Beach". It is one of the sections with the most advantaged resource conditions in the coastal zone of Shandong. However, the human's production activities and natural disasters such as storm tide have caused harms to the ecological resources of the coastal zone.

The coastal zone is the lifeline of a city. Thus, the protection of the coastal zone is also protection for the city. In recent years, Rushan has focused on the marine ecological civilization development based on the current conditions and oriented around the future, insisted on marine development and ecological restoration, striving to promote the restoration and improvement of the coastal zone, address and solve the points of blockage and difficulty in the restoration of coastline, advance the significant improvement of the marine ecological civilization, with an aim to build a beautiful sea and ecological coastline with "clean water, green shores, clean beaches and beautiful bay".

1,000 mu of salt and alkaline mud flats have been transformed, 14 kilometers of sandy coastline and more than 4 million square meters of wetland have been restored…Nowadays, moving along the Silvery Beach from east to west, people will see a vast stretch of clean sands and blue sea, and various water birds coming for a rest. The harmony and unification between human and nature have been perfectly interpreted here.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Rushan Municipality