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Rushan Creates Parks, Green Spaces to Enhance City Living


Urban parks are essential for creating livable cities and improving the quality of life for residents. Rushan City has been working hard to improve its urban service capacity and optimize the layout of green spaces. By carefully designing gardens, human landscapes and fitness facilities, Rushan has achieved great results.

"When planning and designing the parks, the city organizes personnel to conduct field surveys, analyze data and incorporate feedback from the community. This ensures that the construction plans meet the needs of the people as much as possible," said a staff member.

Currently, the city boasts 9 large-scale parks and squares, as well as over 10 pocket parks, with a total area of over 1 million square meters. The layout of parks, squares and small gardens has been increasingly balanced, achieving the goal of allowing people to enjoy the beauty of greenery whenever they step outside. This has effectively served the residents and created a public green space system based on municipal parks and supplemented by parks of different sizes.

As Rushan continues to optimize the layout of parks, it has also taken action to enhance and upgrade them. This includes growing green plants and creating landscapes in any possible space, as well as overall restoration.

Additionally, to meet the new demands of camping culture and leisure trips, Rushan has expanded the open and shared green spaces. Convenient service facilities, such as drinking water, clothes racks, swings, benches and sales counters, have also been set up to enhance the park experience.

Source: News Office of People's Government of Rushan City

Source: News Office of People's Government of Rushan City