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Rushan: Fostering “Sports + Cultural Tourism” Integration for New Development Pattern

Rushan Tidal Lake Water Sports Outdoor Base

In recent years, Rushan's Binhai New Area, leveraging its pristine coastline and superb amenities, has continuously introduced high-quality water sports projects, promoting the fusion of tourism and sports. This year, the newly established Tidal Lake Water Sports Outdoor Base has begun operation, further enriching tourism products and enhancing visitor experiences.

The Tidal Lake Water Sports Outdoor Base is one of the investment-attracted projects in Rushan's Binhai New Area this year, and its establishment started in April. At present, a comprehensive support center has been built to accommodate the training requirements of 50 to 60 athletes at the national or provincial level simultaneously. The facility includes launching areas with floating docks and is equipped with water sports equipment such as paddles, kayaks, sailboats and motorboats. With these preparations in place, the base is now capable of welcoming tourists and hosting various water sports events.

"This year, we've successfully hosted the National Paddleboard U-Series Race (Rushan Station) for 2023-2024. It has attracted more than 100 participants and achieved great results. In the future, we aim to host at least two national water sports events per year," said Yang Hongye, the person in charge of the Tidal Lake Water Sports Outdoor Base.

The primary objective of introducing the Tidal Lake Water Sports Outdoor Base project in Rushan's Binhai New Area is to boost the tourism market through water sports and sporting events. In recent years, Rushan City has successfully hosted more than ten provincial and national-level events, including beach volleyball, women's half marathon, cycling races, and windsurfing championships. By continuously introducing high-quality sports projects, the city is actively promoting the integration of sports and leisure tourism.

Source: Press Office of Rushan People's Government