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Rushan: “Oyster and Cultural Tourism” Invigorates Winter Tourism


"We heard that Rushan launched the 'Winter Tour of Rushan, Savoring Oysters' tourism season. Our family are all loyal fans of 'Rushan Oysters,' so we came on an impromptu trip to Rushan to witness the whole process of oyster growth and maturation firsthand and broaden our children's knowledge." On Jan. 2, tourist Sun Aijun from Jinan and his family rushed to the Oyster Paradise in Haiyangsuo Town, Rushan after getting off the train at Rushan South Station, embarking on their "Winter Tour of Rushan."

With the launch of the tourism season, there has been a surge in tourists taking the high-speed rail to Rushan. To fully stimulate the potential of cultural and tourism consumption, Rushan has released a combination of cultural and tourism activities based on its local characteristics.

During the tourism season, Rushan will host various oyster tasting experiences based on popular tourism elements such as health-benefiting tourism, parent-child tourism, and the ice and snow season, including the "Oyster Feast" at Oyster Paradise, "Oyster + Dry White Wine" at Taiyi Lake, and "Eating Large Plates of Oysters" on the heated bed. Rushan also plans a series of activities such as the "Wind from the Sea" Ice and Snow Carnival, the "Berry Good Times" Strawberry Picking Festival, and the Duofu Mountain Climbing Season. In addition, 22 special cultural activities will be held, including "Celebrating the Spring Festival in Rushan" and the "New Year Opera Performance," allowing tourists to enjoy an immersive experience through various activities.

In recent years, Rushan has been leveraging its coastal advantages to effectively stimulate the cultural and tourism market, continuously promoting the upgrading of cultural and tourism products.

Focusing on Rushan's unique features of "Enjoying the Sunrise, Sea Waves, Oyster and Grotesque Stones," the city has launched popular tourist attractions such as Sanguan Pavilion, Juyu Mountain, Tide Lake, and Oyster Paradise.

It has also created a variety of new business forms for cultural tourism, such as the floating bridge on the sea, the glass water slide, the Tide Lake Music Highway, and Rushan Zhashuai Street.

Rushan has successfully held festive activities such as the Beach Beer Festival, Oyster Music Festival, and BBQ Camping Festival.

These efforts have continuously promoted the integrated development of "events and cultural tourism," "ecology and cultural tourism," and "food and cultural tourism," transforming Rushan's excellent tourism resources into economic advantages.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Rushan